Now shipping Glitter to your Enemies
If you’re mad that the site is gone, down, and being sold to the highest bidder before you could get your order in – don’t fret. Newest site on the block promises to offer many new, and great features to set itself apart from the rest. Ship Glitter for […]

Now Shipping Glitter and Poop to your Enemies, Friends, Grandma!

The fact is that Ray Kurzweil is a mad genius, he is definitely mad, and he’s definitely a genius, and some of his predictions are quite scary. Nothing is more scary, and exhilarating as the thought of a technological singularity – the point in time where we–mankind become unecessary. For […]

Why the Singularity proves Time Travel Impossible Sucks | Coins-e Scam 1
Before you invest in the Scam-exchange… Coins-e exchange is an altcoin, litecoin, bitcoin exchange that until recently seemed pretty helpful and legit. Then a week ago, I initiated a transfer of 8000+ dogecoins from Vircurex to — Since that time I’ve submitted about 10 support requests, with the […]

Buyer Beware : Coins-E Sucks | Coins-e Scam artist!

I have to say, I absolutely LOVE Laravel – everything about it. One of my favorite features is the ability to separate your app into local/production versions. I use a lot of packages for development, that I just don’t need on my production version of the app. How do I […]

How to Use Local Environment as Default in Laravel Artisan ...

One great feature of Laravel is how easy it is to setup local and dev environments. Why would you want separate environments? Require separate packages for dev, and production. Less bloat / potential for errors on production. Turn off debug on production. Special config options for local vs production. etc… […]

How to setup Local and Production environments on Laravel

I absolutely LOVE Gollum, my favorite character on Lord of the Rings, and probably one of the BEST pieces of acting I’ve ever seen. I love the way Andy Serkis does the split personality between Gollum and Shmeagol, it’s quite amazing. He’s a true acting genius. Also loved him as […]

Gollum Covers Taylor Swift

Cliffnotes version : Monkey gets rewarded for playing video game and hitting targets with controller. Switch to brain interface with robotic arm and he continues to be rewarded – interestingly the 3rd arm is like he really has a 3rd arm, he can now scratch with one arm, eat a […]

Planet of the Apes meets Terminator.

A few weeks ago, I made the switch to Ubuntu, and I’m enjoying it tremendously (Currently Ubuntu 12.10). Some drawbacks though have been performance related, it locks up a lot and I have to reboot using ubuntu ctrl + alt + printscreen, REISUB –which is apparently a safer way to […]

How to: Change Swappiness or Adjust Swap File Use in ...

Image by fredcavazza via Flickr Jump in the Social Media Pool – The water is Perfect! Everywhere you look your competitors are jumping in on the social media bandwagon. Even your plumber, and housekeeper have facebook fan pages for their business. You’ve decided it’s time to jump in and figure […]

Don’t Get Screwed! 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Social ...