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According to Hitwise (via TechCrunch ), Facebook has now surpassed Google as the most visited website on the internet. When I read this I got a bit overly excited, not that I’m a huge Facebook fan, but that Google can be challenged. A part of me hates the big guy and always routs for the underdog. Though Andy Beal brought me back down to reality.

Apparently these results don’t include traffic to Youtube, which I’m told is a pretty popular website, nor do they include the traffic to Flickr as part of yahoo. Which makes the awe-inspiring feat lose some of it’s awe and inspiration. Still it does go to show that you can build a small application or website, and 5 years later do the un-imaginable and become the most visited website in the world (though I wouldn’t quit the day job to focus on this dream just yet.)

Nifty Graphic from Hitwise:

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