Flips™ Review : The Headphone has gone Social!

So, one benefit of having an sh**-load of contacts, followers, and connections is sometimes I get to review some pretty awesome stuff absolutely FREE.

A few days ago I received my Flips™ in the mail, and at first it sounds like a cracker, in fact I’m pretty sure there’s a cracker that’s half ritz half pretzel called flips, but other than that it’s a pretty cool contraption.

Flips™ are essentially a newly designed headphone that charges via USB, and has some pretty exciting features..the big one being the ability to swap from single-user headphone to multi-user stereo speakers.

Ever hear a kick-ass song you’d like to share with your friends? Flip-it and share the experience. When the extremely comfortable ear-cups are turned facing your ears, only you can hear it, but flip them around 180 degrees, and they become a social music sharing experience for your whole group to enjoy.

In fact, I tend to use these as my go-to speakers on my desktop now, simply because sometimes I just want to watch a tutorial or youtube video, and not bother the whole house, and other times, I want to share a video, all I have to do is flip-the ear-cup around, and now I don’t have to worry about plugging in, and unplugging headphones, and waiting for my computer to recognize my headset. As a side-note, stay tuned as I may be posting my head-set on Ebay soon.

Flips™ come in a Black/Electric Lime variety, or White/Racing Red color combo, and they come with a cool carrying case, very stylish. I have the Black/Lime one and it’s pretty sleek looking.

Flips™ are available online at : www.flipsaudio.com

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Flips Audo Headphones

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with this product, I do not make money off sales of said product, the only thing I was paid, was my VERY own set of Flips™, which was definitely worth the Free Review!

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