Recently I have relaunched my domain name: to setup myself as an authority on social media marketing, so that I can take my passion for networking into a real career. Where does this leave my 3 year old blog, which also covers social media? I have to admit writing for two blogs does pose a bit of a time constraint especially when I have busy consulting projects going on as well.

I’ve decided to feed my metablog with content from this site as it’s relative to the theme of that blog, and those who are already subscribed and getting updates from that blog will also receive the ones I’ve posted here. To do this I’m using the FeedWordpress Plugin.

The best way I’ve found so that google doesn’t penalize either blog for duplicate content is to have the content at setup to be a  partial feed with permalinks linking directly to The imported feed on TheresaBlogInMySoup only contains about the first 100 words with all links pointing back to the source url.

This is also a good way to begin building the pagerank and search engine results. There’s a blog in my soup, has a higher ranking and can pass some pagerank on to my consulting blog. This is just one easy method you can use to not go crazy while keeping two blogs running, or for migrating to a new blog from your existing blog.

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