Now Shipping Glitter and Poop to your Enemies, Friends, Grandma!

Now shipping Glitter to your Enemies : Ship Glitter to your Enemies

If you’re mad that the site is gone, down, and being sold to the highest bidder before you could get your order in – don’t fret. Newest site on the block promises to offer many new, and great features to set itself apart from the rest. Ship Glitter for only $7.99! — It’s like a unicorn shat all over your house.  Get glitter sent to your friends and enemies. Coming soon, you can ship poop too! There’s even a fun game where you can guess who sent you glitter and send a revenge package to them.

I built glitter and poop over 3 days using Laravel, and a Sleek Bootsttap theme I found for free. I love the concept and hope you do too! Looking to add other prank as a service type services in the future too!

10 Traits of the Best Bloggers

There are many blogs that are phenomenally successful, providing a fun and fulfilling way for their owners to make a living. However, the vast majority of blogs are completely unprofitable. So, what separates the victors from those eager bloggers who never quite make it? Here are ten traits possessed by the best bloggers in the industry.

A great blogger…

1. Writes consistently.

The exactly amount of updates seen in popular blogs varies from several posts per day to one or two per week. The key here is that they update consistently, prompting visitors to check back in on a regular basis.

2. Demands quality content.

Quality writing isn’t something that happens spontaneously or instantly, even for the best of us. Rather, it comes through vigilant effort, an insistence of proofing and revision, and lots of practice. The top bloggers create excellent content because they demand the best out of themselves with each entry.

3. Has a personality.

Dry business blogs written in an academic tone rarely succeed, while personal or professional blogs written with a fun, humorous style will hook readers. Hyperbole and a Half, the Google Blog, and the Oatmeal are just a few great examples.

4. Stirs conversation.

The most successful blogs aren’t the ones that remain safely on the sidelines, evading controversial topics. Rather, they’re the ones who leap on — contributing ideas and getting people talking.

5. Puts the user first.

Many would-be pro bloggers create a site overflowing with advertisement in the hope of generating some fast cash. This counter-productive method is one of the fastest ways to scare users away. The successful blogger uses ads with subtlety, and never lets them interfere with the user experience.

6. Fills a niche.

There are countless blogs that cover “anything that’s on my mind.” Rather than having a limitless topic, however, the really successful blogs tend to fill a precise niche — and whether that’s digital scrapbooking or news on the finance industry doesn’t seem to matter so much.

7. Makes a visually interesting site.

There are some great writers who’s blogs aren’t successful, despite being filled with well-crafted sentences. It seems that interesting images, visual displays, and other media are key ingredients to blogger success.

8. Networks constantly.

Rather than viewing fellow sites, blogs, or resources in the industry as opponents, the successful blogger reaches out to network with anyone in the field that they can.

9. Constantly seeks to improve.

The professional bloggers don’t remain stagnant. Rather, they use everything from analytics programs to online survey software to see what’s working and what isn’t, and they constantly fine-tune their site.

10. Loves what they do.

If there’s one thing that hooks readers fully, it’s passion for the subject of the blog. Beyond that, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with this demanding world without a real love for what you’re doing.

While each pro blogger takes a different approach, the items above make a foundation for success. For most, these traits won’t come naturally or instantly, but must be cultivated as habits for success over time — a pursuit which, while difficult, is entirely possible.

Social Media and Crisis Management

crisis management
Image by howard.hall via Flickr

This is a Guest post by Roger at

Bad news spreads like fire, but with the help of social media websites like Twitter, Facebook,
and Youtube the news spreads at lighting speed. A single negative tweet or a status update on
a Facebook profile can destroy the hard-built reputation of a business in as little as a day. Social
has drastically reduced the time frame for businesses to react. Businesses facing
negative public outrage or crisis management must be able to literally respond in minutes and
not days.

Here are the few tips that businesses can follow during Social Media Crisis Management:

Always Be Prepared
Crisis can happen anytime; you can’t predict it. Make sure that you already have a bulletproof
crisis management plan to execute should the need arise. Things like, “Who will
respond?” “Where the response is needed?” “Which social media platforms and profiles to use
in response to the out lash?” All of these questions should have answers well before a crisis hits.
A crisis can come without warning like the BP oil spill, so always keep yourself and your
company prepared.
Monitoring Is The Key
Social media has made it mandatory for PR professionals and business owners to consistently
monitor all kinds of news, blog posts, tweets, videos and other means of virtual communication
that’s related to your company or industry. Monitoring social media platforms is necessary 24/7
and can greatly improve your chance of reacting at the correct time during a crisis; sometimes
even before the situation gets out of control.
Transparency these days is more important than ever; you can’t hide any kind of information
from your clients in digital age. It’s important for every business to be transparent and you’ve
made a mistake then admit it, accept it, and take responsibility. Be proactive in taking the blame
instead of waiting for public to call you out on it.
Show Them You’re Listening
Don’t remain quiet in the time of crisis; respond quickly and consistently with all updates. Tell
your side of the story and inform the public about the actions you’re taking to solve the
problems. Show everyone that you’re listening to them and you care about what they have to
say. Make sure that on social media websites you respond as quickly as possible to all
questions and concerns.
Start Early
Don’t wait for the crisis to jump on the social media bandwagon, if you have accounts on social
media websites, then use them. Invite your customers for conversations at regular intervals and
keep them updated with the latest happenings and developments in the company. Create a loyal
fan following on social media websites that can support you should bad times ever come around.
These five things are necessary when dealing with a crisis that has gone public; the steps of
social media crisis management.

Have you ever been hit by a negative publicity on Social media website? How did you handle it?

Share your experiences and thoughts with us in the comments below.
Roger works for Fortepromo Promotional products, a promotional products company based in

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Save the Drive-in Movie Theater!

Putnam Drive-In Theater
Image by (aka Brent) via Flickr

That got your attention didn’t it?

Drive-ins are dieing, and you can help them stay afloat. Just make a commitment to go see a couple drive-in movies in the next couple of weeks and spend $10 per visit at the concession stand. You can do your part and make a big difference.

Personally I think Drive-ins are awesome, I love the nostalgic feel to them, and the memories they conjure up of my childhood (back in the 80’s). Them were good days.

Own a drive-in? Why not check out my blog post on Drive-in Theater Marketing Ideas! I give tons of great tips to make more money from your drive-in, and how to start using social media, and mobile marketing to get new customers and keep them. Need web marketing consulting? Be sure to checkout MarketingOC we have some of the best marketing minds in the industry.

Attn: Daytonians – 3 Reasons to shop local in Dayton, OH!

Montage of Dayton images. From top to bottom l...
Image via Wikipedia

3 Reasons to Shop and buy in Dayton, OH and How to Find the Best Local Dayton Businesses!

We are going through a major economic recession, much of it caused by the housing crisis, but also caused by big corporations that the federal government calls ‘To Big to Fail’.

Yet, nobody cares when a family owned bakery down the street closes, it doesn’t make national headlines when a general store closes after 100 years serving a local area. Yet, these little pieces of history are closing all around us, or being swallowed up by the Walmart’s of the world.

1. Keep it Local – Keeping our spending in local businesses = more money spent locally via jobs, taxes, utilities, and less greenhouse gases spent on transportation of goods. It’s estimated that 75% of money spent locally gets recirculated locally, yet money spent at big box chains only 20-30% stays local – the rest gets funneled out of the community back to the corporate offices.

2. Stop Global warming, ONE Walmart at a time! Picture this scenario, you walk into walmart to buy a new hd tv. It’s a panasonic. This tv was shipped from asia to san francisco, CA. Then it’s shipped to a walmart hub in New York, then say you live in Utah – it’s shipped out the walmart nearest you.

Is it me, or does this seem like a lot of travel and a lot of wasted gas? Yet, by supporting giant companies who can afford to ship all over the place – you often get damaged goods – the more time spent traveling more chances of bouncing and breaking. You’re adding to the carbon emissions problem.

On the flip side by supporting local businesses  – generally speaking there’s a lot less transportation and waste involved.

3. Don’t wait till they’re all gone. There’s so many wonderful small little nooks and crannies in my town that I love to visit. Stan’s Donut Shop and Bill’s Donut Shops, Dewey’s Pizza, La Rosa’s Pizza, CiCi’s Pizza – all small businesses that are struggling to stay viable but have loyal fans.

If we don’t support these great local Dayton businesses then we’re not going to have them to support. There won’t be anything unique about Dayton anymore.

If you’re curious about where to find the best Dayton businesses – or if you’re a business owner in Dayton, OH looking for the best shopping portal geared towards small businesses then I highly recommend giving shop Dayton area businesses a try.

Features for Business owners:
– Upload images and photo albums.
– List upcoming events / specials.
– Sell online gift certificates.
– Sell your products online and off – easy to submit.
– All businesses in the directory are local  – each business also shares a similar goal and that is to shop Dayton businesses.
– Embed Shop Dayton widgets into your website – easily add a shopping cart, contact form, newsletter, and much more!
– Full customer support from a social media marketer who IS local and willing to help (that would be me!)

Features for Customers:
– Get that warm, fuzzy feeling for supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs.
– Support your friends and families who are out of work – buying local creates a lot more jobs – meaning putting your unemployed friends to work.
– Help the environment.
– Review businesses – and hold them accountable for providing good customer service.
– Get the latest updates from your favorite business.
– Share your favorite products from offline businesses that post their products to the portal.
– Shop local products online from the comfort of your home. In some cases you don’t even need to visit the store – they’ll deliver!

If you live in dayton don’t forget to visit shop dayton local businesses and support local businesses – if you own a business in dayton – add your business now!

How to build a Super Blog like the Technorati top 10.

Image representing Technorati as depicted in C...
Image via CrunchBase

I just got done reading a great blog post by Glen over at Viperchill. On how to build a Super Blog. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile – but finding talent willing to blog for free in exchange for part ownership in a huge blog like Mashable isn’t as easy as you’d think.

If you think you have what it takes, check out his blog post to see what the other blogs do on a daily basis to make 6-7 figures on their blogs:

How to Build a Superblog: Insights from the Technorati Top 10

Don’t Get Screwed! 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Social Media Consultant

Social Media Landscape (redux)
Image by fredcavazza via Flickr

Jump in the Social Media Pool – The water is Perfect!

Everywhere you look your competitors are jumping in on the social media bandwagon. Even your plumber, and housekeeper have facebook fan pages for their business. You’ve decided it’s time to jump in and figure out what Social Media is all about.

Learning social media is a lot like swimming, jump in too soon, too fast, or just after eating and you might just drown. Better hope that there’s a social media cpr certified medical squad to bring you back.

One reason many companies fail to join the social media craze, is because many view it as some sort of fad.

Well a bit of news for you – SOCIAL MEDIA is a FAD! It’s the next big thing, everyone’s doing it and there’s loads of money to be had for all! I say this in that everyone is jumping on board, and many are drowning. Believe it or not there are drowning people out there in social media, who are trying to each others to swim, while they themselves are drowning. Self-professing your expertise in social media, does not make you a social media expert – just as sticking feathers up your rear does not make you a chicken.

MORAL: Buyer beware, but still be excited.

Social media is exciting. Everyday new technologies are forming around the social web. Applications like foursquare and gowalla that let your friends know what businesses you’re in. Right now many social networks and mobile developers are gearing up for what they’re calling the Location Wars. Mobile apps are currently in development that will use your actual location for a range of things from augmented reality role-playing games, to finding the closest bathroom, to finding and choosing a new restaurant, and even letting you know what stores nearby are having specials.

With that said I will show you some criteria you should look for when seeking out a Social Media Consultant.

  1. Google them. Who needs to pay for background checks in the age of social media. If they are truly a good social media consultant, and marketer. Then they will be marketing themselves as well. If they own a business google their business. If there aren’t very many results in google for their name, or business name then they’re obviously not very popular, definitely not very successful, and certainly not worth the money.One tip when googling: Be sure to use parenthesis. Example type “Patrick Curl” in google and see what you find.
  2. Follow the tweets. Number of followers, and tweets is not a guarantee on the value of a person’s social media prowess, but it’s a good indicator. You’d be a bit naive to take social media advice from someone with less than 1,000 followers on twitter, and only 5-10 tweets total. You want a social media superstar, an evangelist. You want someone who is passionate about any and everything there is to offer in the world of social media.
  3. Ask them for references, and case studies. If they can really deliver for your business, then they must’ve done it for someone else before. The only exception here is if they’re admittedly striking out as a consultant for the first time, and are just building up their experience. If this is the case, most of the time you’ll probably get a better deal, they’re needing your business, and your testimonial to show that they can do what they say they can. If they don’t deliver, then getting more clients won’t be easy.It’s not always a bad choice to go with someone who is new to the industry if they show potential. Sure it could be a risk, but they could also undersell the competition because they’re more needing of the job, and the references. They are also more passionate about making you happy, so that you give them a good review, or testimonial. I’d rather hire someone who is 30% social media genius and 70% passionate social media evangelist, than the other way around.
  4. Get the stats: Real success stories have numbers to back them up. Every social media consultant has a blog, it’s very possible their website / blog is where you found out about them in the first place. If they don’t have a website run away and run fast!Building a successful blog is a lot of work, and getting to the top of the search engines is extremely daunting. However, it’s not impossible, and it’s not too much to ask to find someone who has at least some search engine optimization skills. You need to know where their blog / website ranks on sites like Alexa, and Google. One good tool to use is PopURI I’ve found it’s not always 100% accurate on backlinks, and some of the results, but it does a good job of pulling Alexa rank and Google pagerank. There’s also other tools out there that are probably better, I personally use some firefox and google chrome plugins that are amazing when it comes to viewing a site’s website statistics, and will write about them at a later time.Now you don’t need to be too harsh here, this is one area we all can improve on, and if their website is new then it may take some time to build up a web presence for it – if it is new ask if there’s any other sites that they’ve built or own. You just want to know that they have at least one site with at least a google pagrank of 2 and an alexa rank under 1 Million. This isn’t too hard, if you only get 4-500 hits per day then your website should be at an alexa rank of 200-300k give or take.
  5. Meet with them in person, or over the phone if they’re out of the area. Ask them some questions, find out what they might do in certain situations relating to social media. This is your chance to interview them to see if they will be a fit for the job. Remember also that just because someone is talented at social media doesn’t mean they can perfectly represent any brand. If you’re a democrat running for office, you might want to look for a social media consultant who shares the same political belief. If you’re business is oriented around sports, for instance if you’re business is a business relating to nascar collectibles, then you might want to try and find someone who at least knows a little about Nascar.Part of them building your social media presence may include them writing blog posts for you, and to write good posts they need to be able to familiarize themselves with the material.

One last tip when choosing a social media consultant – set yourself a budget. Set a budget on what you’re willing to pay them, you could do some research around to see what other consultants charge, a good going rate is $500 for initial consultation, and thorough social media profile overhaul. This should include: Updating all your online profiles, or setting up new ones; inter-linking all social profiles so that they talk to each other; building your blog, which should be the hub of all your social media efforts; training you on what you can personally do to help with the social media.

A good consultant is one who not only does the social media optimization but one who teaches the client how to fish. You may choose to use them one time to setup a strategy for your social media marketing, or you may choose to hire them full-time to be your company social media community manager. Either way is up to you, and depends on how much time and money you have to invest, if you have plenty of time, and not so much money then the first option may apply, if your time is your weakest asset, but money is not an issue then the second option may be what you’re looking for. Also note that there may be some costs associated with social media above the consultant fee, for instance if you’re going to buy ads on facebook, or twitter, you’ll need to add this into your final social media budget. You may also benefit from creating a social media app, in which case you may need to hire, or work with the consultant to find someone who can develop the application, this is just another cost that could go into your total social media tally.

You’ve made a big decision to get your feet wet in social media, being prepared and not rushing in is the best surefire way to make sure that you don’t get screwed. Having a bad social media consultant CAN not only slow your growth, but can actually give your business bad PR, which is the total opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish.  Don’t worry though, the water is warm, and there’s many people in this industry out here ready to lend a hand. Social media is a baby industry, we’re all still learning how to swim to some degree, even the best social media consultants are constantly learning more and more about the industry and finding new tools.

It’s safe to say a new social media app is developed probably every few minutes. Apps for facebook, twitter, myspace, linkedin, and more. They’re everywhere you look, and it is the future of the web, and the world. The way we communicate with others is changing forever. It’s an exciting time to be in marketing, but if you don’t get in now, your competition WILL!

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Google Facts and Figures Infographic, Really Makes you Think WOAH!

This graphic from Pingdom (via Rotorblog), shows how Google was once a lowly start-up in a Yahoo world. Now look at our little Google, all grown up..well a teenager at any rate.  It goes to show how a company with a real vision can truly climb to the heights of success,  just look how Google has grown since it opened back in 1998.  I’m excited to see what the next ten years will be like on the internet.

Speaking of growing up, you should check out this video of Eric Schmidt Google’s Ceo, nearly 12 years before Google, it’s definitely an eye opener! What a Nerd!

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Google Ceo Eric Schmidt in 1986..Cause The Nerd is the Word…

Watching this youtube video, makes me want to sing Peter Griffin’s rendition of the Bird is the Word, only slightly modified — cause you know… The Nerd, the nerd, the nerd is the word, the nerd nerd nerd, nerd is the word…

Seriously though, to all you nerds out there in high school, getting teased because of your pocket protectors, just think of poor little Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google, and just remember that someday you will be their bosses, and call the shots. This is a video of Eric Schmidt back in 1986, before Google was even a twinkle in Sergey Brin’s eye..This isn’t new, but definitely is new to me, and I think it’s funny to watch, but then I loved the Nerds movies of the 1980’s.


But don’t worry, he overcame his coyness, and became the giant ceo of Google that we all know and love. Check him out two years later:

Google’s Eric Schmidt Has a Pamela Anderson Video Moment

(via: TechCrunch)


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How to Create Long Term Success Through Article Marketing

Article marketing is here to stay. It’s true that there are lots of options for marketing your website online but none of them holds a candle to article marketing. It is a marketing method that is evergreen and will always be used. Of course, you will see lots of new article marketers struggling when it comes to actually being able to achieve success. The reason they do this is pretty simple: they aren’t actually applying the fundamentals that are what will take them up in the ranks. Just like any other online marketing method, even article marketing has a learning curve. In the following paragraphs we’ll teach you a few tips that will help you achieve more success through your article marketing.

Make sure that when you write articles for the Internet that you write them for people. That’s right – don’t make the mistake of writing your articles for the search engines. All that will happen when you do this is that you will fail. What makes this true? Can you seriously think your article is useful if readers don’t connect with it? Even if you get search engine traffic, it won’t make sense. Instead focus your efforts on impressing your human readers. If people like your articles they are going to link to them. This will automatically raise your site’s ranking within the search engines. Makes sense, right?

Have you been toying with the idea of taking articles from another site and then mixing and matching your way along the path to success through article marketing. If you said yes, you are on a bad path. Article marketing works only when you use articles that are 100% original. If you don’t have authentic content that is original then it doesn’t really make sense to start off article marketing. You shouldn’t even try to use private label rights for it. It’s important to work your way up that article marketing ladder by only using articles that are as original as you can get. This single tips can really help you and make you a much better and more effective article marketer.

The last thing that you want to do with your articles is sell things. Honestly–you won’t get anywhere. If you really want to do something worthy of the articles you write, limit yourself to the pre-sell. Hardcore selling won’t get you anywhere worth going. The pre-sell is the best strategy for your content. If you want to warm up your article readers, this is the way to do it. This is what turns readers into prospects. This is where you find the best and most real action. Becoming a successful article marketer is more than just writing and publishing articles online. It’s about understanding your target audience and giving them the best solution there is. Each and every article marketer who has found sustainable success has understood this concept. So without learning more about your target audience, you really won’t be able to get anywhere. Your best option here is to figure out both what your readers need and what kind of solutions they gravitate toward. Use your articles to give them everything necessary so that they can’t help but pay attention. As you keep working, your article marketing campaign will gain momentum slowly and steadily–particularly when you have a deep understanding of your audience.

Justin Bush can be described as a fat reduction expert and really loves training folks how to shed bodyweight. Head over to his website: weight loss diet for 7 days. You will see many weight loss tips.