Now Shipping Glitter and Poop to your Enemies, Friends, Grandma!

Now shipping Glitter to your Enemies : Ship Glitter to your Enemies

If you’re mad that the site is gone, down, and being sold to the highest bidder before you could get your order in – don’t fret. Newest site on the block promises to offer many new, and great features to set itself apart from the rest. Ship Glitter for only $7.99! — It’s like a unicorn shat all over your house.  Get glitter sent to your friends and enemies. Coming soon, you can ship poop too! There’s even a fun game where you can guess who sent you glitter and send a revenge package to them.

I built glitter and poop over 3 days using Laravel, and a Sleek Bootsttap theme I found for free. I love the concept and hope you do too! Looking to add other prank as a service type services in the future too!

Twitter Can be Effective in Your Business

An online entrepreneur these days is aware of the importance of the social web. It’s practically mandatory to join and be active on Twitter and other social networks, as otherwise you get left behind. This gives you an efficient way to connect with a large number of people who are part of your target audience. You may be wondering, though, why more online businesses aren’t using Twitter if it’s so essential. What would cause anyone to ignore the chance to connect with so many targeted prospects? The answer is lack of awareness and less use of best practices. What follows are a few highly effective tactics for making a strong impact using Twitter for your business.

So if you’re a business then it’s obvious that you’re selling something, right? We all know this, but when you interact with people on Twitter, you shouldn’t be too aggressive about it. Twitter is primarily a social network, which means business and selling have to take a secondary place. What you should be doing is building relationships with people who follow you and get to know them. Make them curious about you through your words and actions rather than by trying to promote to them directly. The way you build momentum on Twitter is by publishing tweets that are enjoyed and retweeted. Make sure what you tweet is content people will want to forward. Most of your followers will prefer this approach to trying to hawk your products in an aggressive way. In your company Twitter account, make sure more than one person knows how to use it. In other words, having more than one Twitterer in the company is not a bad idea. It saves your Twitter account from becoming dormant. Keeping your followers updated is what they expect. You have followers because they care about what is happening with your company. People feel like they should be a part of what you are doing. Having a number of people in charge of your Twitter account will help this get accomplished.

If you have a business, you have to give plenty of attention to your customer service options. Twitter can help you in this area. You want to give people as many ways to reach you as possible. Your customer service can be more complete if people can contact you via Twitter. Just don’t treat Twitter as a third party service that has no value when it comes to helping your customers. It won’t cost you anything, and it can make a real difference. Your clients and customers will be impressed that you use the latest platforms. Twitter has been around for awhile now. And from the above tips it goes on to show that you can definitely leverage its reputation for your own business. This is factual – you need to join now if you want to grow along with Twitter. You need to do more than just join the site and silence yourself. No, but actually play a part in their social environment in the most excellent way that you can. Be sure to take advantage of the advice we offered above. Instead of just chewing over the idea of putting them to use, actually use them.

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Deal with Internet marketing Properly With one of these Ideas

dbc network

Think Internet website marketing is the greatest factor possibly? Perhaps you’ve looked into individual to be able to generate upgrades within the advertising and marketing of your web page? Quite a few methods can be purchased dedicated to website marketing, for instance movies, training books, journals, demonstrates, and a lot more. So how do you start out the advertising program? Use these ideas to deliver every little thing with each other. dBc Network.

Utilize incentives so that you can promote customers to use instructions more quickly. This will likely incorporate item gift wrapping, free or a lot quicker distribution. You might give free so that you can anybody who will buy your product inside 1 day. This will have more customers to buy merchandise.

Earning and looking after the householders’ have faith in is necessary. Really don’t set almost any suppositions or incorrect data in your advertising. Customer feedback from true customers plus experts within the subject are a fun way to achieve this.

Utilize high-quality pictures providing visitors a good idea with the items style of merchandise you are marketing. Your visitors will definitely value seeing an in depth picture in the item. Build a website for customers so that you can distribute their particular particular images of any item. Utilizing “before plus after” pictures could be a very effective online marketing strategy.

Consumers generally like tips for long run acquisitions. Furnishing some sort of collection or item data so that you can like-minded items may produce additional profits once the 1st profit. If somebody concerns your blog plus will buy some sort of sports, mail these individuals inbound links to other athletics tools. You may raise your product sales by means of developing your product solutions to their getting developments.

A normal site maintains folks thinking of your products or services. A blog can be a handy application for telling customers pertaining to new releases plus offers. A blog is a wonderful inclusion aimed at your website. The idea offers range. Your blog encourages customers to visit your web site typically so that you can view your innovative ideas, tales or tales. It assists to catch the attention of engines like google.

All that you should launch a very good website marketing career is correct when you need it. It truly is quite simple. You just need yourself as well as your contemplating cap. Results can be realized through effort plus wise advertising options. dBc Network.

Make sure that you professionally contend with almost all buyer complaints. Outsourcing techniques the client service may seem as a very good remedy, however the file sizes provided by these businesses can regularly seem to be cold and might infuriate an already furious buyer much more. Consumers who seem to are certainly not happy will need to get yourself a returning mail from yourself; make sure you provide them with a solution to the condition.

For any mail you send out : business or particular : are young signature. This may also act as some sort of “cyber business card” involving forms. Employing your website address in normal messages will permit some others so that you can find your company plus most likely directed the item so that you can some others.

Nice sites look neat, nonetheless stay clear of making your web site very unproductive. Every customer is in your blog, people basically include 5 seconds so that you can intrigue these individuals and make these individuals stay. If you fail to catch their particular particular attention on this really simple stretch of time, they may press away from your web page.

You should create your web page stay ahead of your competitors. There are a a lot of open websites on the web, plus yours must be visible if you want a discuss in the traffic. Test spotlighting your specific expert services.

Test cell advertising. This provides you a chance to allow visitors your blog ways to find notifications by means of word pertaining to deals or new releases. This really is one of the better innovative methods to industry an internet site.

You have the knowhow you ought to get were only available in Internet website marketing. Is it time in order to apply everything you understand in your business? Do you commence increasing your program correctly plus intelligently? Soon after consuming these types of actions, you could end up successful. In any other case, make sure you examine these pointers one more time.

Learn the 10 secrets to an award winning web site?

1. Plainly define what you desire to accomplish : Which are your goals and what achieves the site need to reach? What is its purpose? Branding, marketing, prospect power generator, top line road Integrate online with offline. Perceive the spectator and who these folks are? What do they desire? They want a helpful website and valuable information, friendliness, efficiency, excellent company
2. Don’t be pushed nearly : Don’t let marketing individuals, arty web designers drive you into “bleeding edge” web design. Ask by yourself the query accomplishes it add to my locations functionality? Accomplishes it make it much easier for the buyers?
3. Generate the most of your cyber industry property : Don’t – Waste it using filler, splash content, unnecessary written content or welcome messages. Do – Say clearly the producer’s direct of difference. Crucial hyperlinks upfront, involve search, minimise use of animation or scrolling.
4. Identify the trustworthiness : You solely have one luck to make ANY kind of impression and produce simple to locate products, an easy way to buy or contact information. Offer guests a perception of the credibility which you are a trustworthy and a legit operation.

5. Take ownership : Make sure you assign somebody to take possession of the site! Retain it updated and crisp not simply for the clients but for the research engines. Reply email messages promptly.

6. Hold it uncomplicated : Don’t use in-house terms or complicated language. You’d be astonished at how significantly jargon you use when speaking about your organization. Get the we penning assessed by a professional.

7. Talk to the guests : Specify a way for folks to sign up for email newsletters. Hold in touch with prospects, but only once you possess a thing to say.

8. Give it personality : Individuals love to understand they are dealing with real people. Include the tone. If correct, jot down the written content in a personal manor.
9. Tell people regarding your site : Include the URL on every single piece of report communication put it on brochures, letterheads, organization cards, pens…..

10. Continual Remodeling : Don’t let the site stagnate. Just prefer you as a company owner, a internet site demands continual enhancements to retain it  up to date so it can be as prosperous as possible. Hold an eye on competition. Trial and measure AND trial and basis once testing and measuring. Don’t do new stuff, merely simply because it’s new.

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Web Design For The Computer Illiterate

Effectively, there is no doubt which the Internet is back again and bigger than ever. Everybody is finding in as a action, from organizations to individuals. If you have a thing to say or a product to advertise, the Industry Vast Web is the place to do it. The trouble is, a lot people lack the elementary abilities mandated to commence their own web page, a thing that is necessary if you seriously wish supreme publicity for yourself. There are several means close to your computer illiteracy that could assist you to start the site you have dreamed of launching as a platform for your ideas.

The easiest way to get your site below way if you are computer illiterate is to recruit somebody to do the prepare for you. Quite a few computer intelligent individuals can scoff at this notion, but which is the point- they are computer knowledgeable, and you are not. Time is income, so the odds are which you will in fact save money by hiring someone to set up your site for you by chopping out the tremendous amount of time it normally requires to get all the bugs ironed from your site and get it up and running.

If you are an personalized who feels you possess the time to spare to get the web site up and running, then you may want to try and prepare your web site yourself. To do this, you will require to master the standard processes of web design- HTML and FTP. FTP is an abbreviation that stages for Document Switch Protocol. This regimen is commonly utilized for exchanging files over the World-wide-web, using a server computer and a customer computer. The protocol is an open regular, which enables anybody to produce FTP hosting server or customer software.

HTML holders for Hypertext Markup Language. Doing so language is now considered an World-wide-web normal once it will come to structuring data on a web page- it is the equivalent of the Microsoft Works toolbar, and enables users to italicize or daring their text, link to another page or a different guide on their own post, create paragraphs, and a lot of other functions. HTML usage codes might be discovered throughout the World-wide-web, so don’t be troubled if you possess never discovered of this before. A simple search can permit you to uncover a site which you can obtain the fundamental HTML formats from.

An additional proposition for the computer illiterate in order to enable them to design their own site is to take a program or a few courses in web layout. Enjoy a lot of various applications, web layout can be an easy concept to grasp as soon as you achieve the right instruction and practice. International students have programs available through most neighborhood colleges and universities, and international students have also less expensive versions readily available at the time of the Net. If you have a friend who is no stranger to computer systems, they should additionally be able to help you with your web layout.

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Website Development – Virtual Real Estate

Do you bear in mind when you could “own a piece of the rock”? Well, now it is possible to own a piece of the web, it is in essence a similar thing, only it is more enjoy “digital” real estate. One can put things on your website, and it will stay there, it is yours, you own it. And it is in particular valuable once you put points on the web page which you want to sell.
First of all, you do sign-up a domain. Area? What is a area, you ask? Well, a domain is enjoy your house, or put, and all you need to do is give it a name to look it into your own “digital real estate”.
In choosing what you want your area title to be, you want look at the “niche”, and what sort of product or program you will be offering to that niche. If you are offering excellent recipes for beans, you may get in touch with your site So you do figure out which it is precisely which you have to offer, and determine on a domain identify, prefer the one employed above. The approach of returning up with a good identify is a relatively straightforward one. Simply keep it to one or two words, enjoy,, or, just for an example.
After you possess decided on a area identify, it is easy to simply glimpse up a area registrar using your favorite search engine, and get which name registered. (It is possible to additionally come across a connection to a real excellent one on my site.)  Noone can use that identify now. And if you go a stage further, by getting it hosted on the internet, then it is possible to commence to begin developing your site into a effective business enterprise online.
You can click on my web page, for far more facts on doing so subject. Click on the links to checking my mentors,( the ones who educated me how to construct my own piece of virtual real estate!) Sign-up at my site, and I could deliver you incredible reports, and various “goodies” from time to time. Wishing you all triumph and happiness!

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Keeping Kids Safe on Social Networking Sites

Safe social networking for kids
City of Albany, Oregon /Foter

With social networking on the rise, kids of all ages are jumping on board.  On social sites like Facebook and MySpace there is an age limit for joining.  Age limits on these sites are important because there is content that is not appropriate for young children.  However, young children are more and more interested in joining social networking sites.

In order for a social networking site to be safe for kids and tweens there needs to be supervision for uploading photos, sharing videos and suggesting and accepting friend requests.  To make it even safer, law enforcement needs to be allowed to monitor to make sure kids are safe from online predators.  The good news is that a site with these specifications already exists. offers all these safety specifications.  It is also the first site ever to allow US Law Enforcement Agencies full access to monitor the site to make sure your kids are safe.

Not only is the safest site for kids it is also the best educational and kid-friendly entertainment on the Internet.  With all the safety additions to this site, parents no longer have to worry about inappropriate photos, unsuitable videos, and friends they are chatting with that could be possible predators. offers several free services such as online games and educational videos.  Even the free features are monitored by law enforcement. offers over 2500 video tutorials to teach kids school subjects they may be struggling with.  A Lock-Down Browser is offered to members so that kids can surf the internet for only kid safe websites.  The browser gives parents peace of mind knowing that kids will not stumble upon unsuitable material.  These features can be upgraded for only 13 cents a day.

This easy to use website keeps kids entertained and parents are assured that their kids are safe.  Kids can learn, play, interact, and explore on a safe site that is controlled by parents and law enforcement agencies.  What this means is that parents will be emailed chat alerts, email logs, and profanity logs.  Parents no longer have to worry about profanity, bullying, or online predators.  More importantly, this site is exactly what kids want.  They can send emails, play games, create a profile, and enjoy social networking.

Log on to and subscribe today.  For only $4.99 per month, families can connect to a growing online community of smart parents and safe kids.  Visit to sign up today.

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