What's worse than Sexting? How about Texting during SEX!

Either you’re really good, and they gotta share the news with their friends, or you’re really bad and just altogether bored. I’m hoping for the former, but texting during sex is actually a common thing believe it or not.

I know my wife would kill me if I did this, and I’d strangle her and blame the cat if she did.

According to a Mashable post, 10% – that’s 1 in 10 people under age 25 think it’s perfectly ok to text while having sex. I’m going to bet that these 10% are also the ones who would text during a funeral, wedding, while crossing the street, or driving a car.

Further 6% over the age of 25 think that texting while having sex is ok.

“A recent survey by consumer electronics shopping and review site Retrevo uncovered the disturbing statistic along with a few other generation gap metrics, including under 25s being far more likely to think it’s okay to text during meals or while in the bathroom.” –mashable.

With the proliferation of mobile phones, and smartphones full of applications it makes sense that more and more of our ‘private time will be devoted to our online lives, but is texting during sex a little too much, too soon? Or do you think that it’s perfectly normal and ok?

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Breaking News: New York is under attack by Atari.

Apparently all those fun 8 bit games from Atari, that we all thought were cheesy and lame, have invaded New York City, and are taking over Manhattan as we speak.

Beware these are gruesome images of tetris  blocks falling on buildings, a giant frog hopping through traffic, Donkey Kong flinging barrels, and God save us from the space invaders!

Disclaimer : This is a parody, short film, and not a real warning. Some of my readers aren’t smart enough to figure this out, so I have to include this disclaimer for those of you who are freaking stupid. Everybody else, move along please there’s nothing to see here!

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A New Candidate emerges – and Miraculously leading all polls: Kenneth the Page.

Vote 4 Kenneth the Page – Your Next Commander and Chief!

Image via Wikipedia

Just announcing his Campaign is 30 Rock’s own Kenneth the page. If you’re undecided, and just don’t know who to vote for – Kenneth is your manchild. Kenneth knows how to get things done. err – at least he’s NOT Sarah Palin!

Kenneth the Page just announced his campaign today, and already he’s leading in many polls. Kenneth promises furry bunnies for every little boy and girl. He also promises to have a free pudding day, where everybody gets free pudding – in lieu of tax cuts.

Vote for Kenneth, or at least Pedro. But for the love of everything holy, don’t vote for McCain!

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Calacanis breaks the silence, couldn't go more than 5 weeks could ya??

Image representing Mahalo as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase, source unknown

As many of you are aware, Jason Calacanis of Mahalo, went into retirement from blogging on July 11th. Claiming he needed to find his new voice, he set out on a quest to build an ‘intimate mailing list’ to host discussions on.

In a recent blog post, an update on his retirement, Jason says he is having a wonderful time writing his emails to his ‘intimate email group” (since when is 3000+ considered intimate?)…he continues: “I’ve been writing 2-5k word thought pieces on the email list, and I’ve found it to be very rewarding in a way that the mud pit of blogging isn’t.”

My thoughts are:

1. How is blogging a mudpit, and does that make us bloggers pigs? If so I feel a bit insulted.

2. Isn’t writing 2k+ ‘thought pieces’ the same as blogging just in a different format? I mean blog comes from the word weblog, which is a log of information on the web, a journal so to speak of one’s thoughts and opinions, whether it’s posted to a website or sent over email, in my opinion he’s still blogging.

3. It appears to me that this is somewhat of a scam like his twitter follower campaign, and other such to build a bigger audience for himself and mahalo. Everyone knows that the money is in your ‘list’. I’m not saying building a newsletter is bad, but if you want people to subscribe to your newsletter, don’t do it by trickery, just come out and say it.

Darren Rowse from Problogger says that before you do anything you need to build a list, and should start a newsletter on day one of your blog’s launch. There are just so many people who still don’t use feed readers that can benefit from your blog, and you can benefit from their visiting your site it’s a win-win.

Jason Calacanis continues his blog post : “Now I still love blogs: still read them, still comment on them…. but I’m trying to find my voice again–my true voice. There is something about the acoustic, intimate nature of email that is impacting how I write. I’m writing every sentence as if I’m looking someone in the eye and speaking directly to them. I’m thinking about the economy of words again. I’m trying to say things in as few words as possible, and I’m cutting sentences, paragraphs and pages more than I’m publishing them. I’m proof reading again, and C.K. Sample is proofing for me. It’s a new, slower and more considered process and I’m loving it. I’ve published ten emails or so and I’ve thrown away at least 30. Somethings happening, but I don’t know what it is.”

My thoughts:

When he says “I’m writing every sentence as if I’m looking someone in the eye and speaking directly to them.” I’m thinking, isn’t that how blogs are? That’s at least how I’ve always wrote my blog, as if I’m writing an intimate letter to a long lost friend…

He also says “I’m thinking about the economy of words again. I’m trying to say things in as few words as possible, and I’m cutting sentences, paragraphs and pages more than I’m publishing them. I’m proof reading again,” and I’m thinking economy of words?

Didn’t you say your ’emaillog'(not to be confused with a weblog of course) are 2k-5k word thought pieces? How is that economical at all?

He continues:

“Over 100 folks respond to every email and I try to respond to every single person. Some of these emails are five pages and I read every single word. No one else sees these words–they are between me and the reader and that is also wonderful and true. Posting to the comment section of a blog is meaningless when compared to sending an email containing your thoughts inteneded for the author. Folks say very, very deep, true and honest things in one to one communications that they can’t say in a blog comment. I love that.”

Call my cynical, but the tone is that of perhaps a hippie(and I’m a very liberal person, hell I voted for Dennis Kucinich), or someone in a midlife crisis, or perhaps someone post stroke, maybe he’s been playing with model kits in a non-ventilated room, your guess is as good as mine. No offense but it’s like he’s living in a dream land. If he were writing blog pieces people could still email him from the blog if he so choosed to put up a contact form right at the bottom of each post or such.

Bottom line: Jason Calacanis if you’re really retired from blogging, more power to you, but why not stop blogging about being retired from blogging, seriously. I know blogging is addictive, and there are places that can help you with your addiction. (that last line was sarcasm, in case you weren’t paying attention…)

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Patrick Curl's Top 76 List of Top Ten Lists – If you love lists, you'll love this!

It’s a fact – people love lists, especially top ten lists, and so here we have it – my Top 76 Top Ten List List. These are pretty much random, and in no specific order, I must’ve spent 4 hours on this, so I hope you like it, if not you can kiss my <profanity>.

Why did I only pick 76? Because I got damned tired of looking for more lists – DUH!?

  1. Top Ten Questions Not To Ask In A Job Interview
  2. Top 10 mobile apps for your phone
  3. Top 10 Quirkiest Early Flying Machines
  4. My Top 10 Internet Phenomena
  5. Top 10 Norton / Symantec Secrets You Shouldn’t Know
  6. My Top 10 favorite Google Products
  7. Tools of the Trade: Top 10 Tools for Social Media
  8. Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces of All Time
  9. Top 10 Mistakes Made in Business Plans
  10. Top 10 Unwed Celebrity Parents
  11. The Top 10 Coolest Olympic Mascots
  12. Top 10 Printable Paper Productivity Tools
  13. Top 10 Tips for Getting Attention on Flickr, All Fresh and New for 2008
  14. Top 10 Brain Training Future Trends
  15. Top 10 Concepts That Every Software Engineer Should Know
  16. Top 10 Movie Roles Taken In Order to Make-Out With a Hot Chick
  17. Top 10 Fantasy Worlds In Literature
  18. DUI MA – Top 10 Mistakes in Drunk Driving Cases
  19. Top ten: The world’s most dangerous places
  20. Top Ten Places To Visit In Egypt
  21. Top 10 Things to Bring to China
  22. Top 10 hottest Olympians
  23. Top 10: Widely Believed Myths
  24. PTV’S TOP 10: The Greatest Political Web Videos of All Time
  25. Top 10 Strangest Hotels in the World
  26. Top 10 Phones of 2008
  27. Top 10 Most Overpriced Zip Codes in America
  28. Top 10 Sites for Illustrator Tutorials
  29. The Top 10 Free iPhone Apps for Young Professionals
  30. Top 10 Consumer Headaches
  31. Top 10 Songs You Must Turn Off (Personal note, I don’t quite agree w/ the Evanescence remarks)
  32. top 10: songs to primp to
  33. Top 10 Countries to Make the Most of Your Dollar
  34. Top 10 Mistakes Guys Make When Trying To Get A Girl
  35. Top 10 Ways Gay Marriage Harms Straight People
  36. Top 10 portable gadgets I take with me when I travel
  37. Top 10 Reasons to Start a Business Blog
  38. Top 10 Alternative Abstinence Slogans
  39. Top Ten Conspiracy Theories, and sometimes a lizard is just a lizard
  40. TOP 10 start up killers
  41. Top 10 Free Things to Do in Paris
  42. Top 10 Animal-Friendly Superheroes
  43. Top 10 Template Generators for Blogs and Websites
  44. Top 10 Firefox 3 Features
  45. Top 10 Keyword Research Tips To Boost Your SEO
  46. Top 10 Tools to Get Blogging Done
  47. The Top 10 Star Wars Sounds
  48. Top 10 Mac Freeware Applications.
  49. Top 10 TV Shows Killed By College
  50. The Top 10 Animated Films Ever Made
  51. Top 10 Reasons Why I Haven’t Bought an iPhone 3G
  52. Top 10 Idiocies of the General Election … So Far
  53. Top Ten Dark Knight Scenes
  54. Top 10 Punk Guitarists
  55. Baseball’s Top 10 Trade Deadline Deals of All-Time
  56. TOP 10 Worst Snack Foods
  57. Top 10 Scientifically Inaccurate Movies
  58. Top 10 Obsolete Car Features
  59. Top 10 Bad Ass Movie Cars
  60. Top 10 Movies for Kids who Love Dinosaurs
  61. Storage Top 10 Best Practices
  62. Top 10 CSS buttons tutorial list
  63. Top ten things we like in tight economic times
  64. Top 10 Fatal URL Design Mistakes
  65. Top 10 Apple iPhone 3G tips and tricks
  66. Top 10 Romantic Places in the World
  67. Top 10 Command Line Tools
  68. Top Ten Places To Have Sex
  69. Top tips for marketing your web site
  70. Top 10 Ways for College Students to Save Money
  71. TOP 10 Unintentionally Funny Websites
  72. Top 10 Busted Tees Nipples
  73. Top 10 Websites You Probably Never Heard Of But Should
  74. TOP 10 Worst Karaoke Songs
  75. TOP 10 Things I’d Like To See In Theaters for 2009
  76. TOP 10 Worst Movie Quotes To Say In Bed

Hate Spammers? Want them to die? Be careful what you wish for…

Convicted Spammer, escapes from prison, kills his family, then kills himself.

This story is pretty darn horrible, and pretty unbelievable.

Edward Davidson is known as the “Spam King” he was sentenced to 21 months in jail and ordered to pay $714,139 to the IRS for spamming and tax evasion.

Apparently his wife helped him escape from prison. Once escaped he took a gun and shot her, their 3 year old daughter, a teenage girl, and finally himself.

I personally can’t see what was so bad, 21 months is hardly a jail sentence, I mean if Martha Stewart can do hard time…Maybe the fine was too much? Could’nt he just wait till he got out of prison, moved to a country that allows spamming, and made enough to pay off his debts and live peaceably?

Funny enough, he and his family just drove off from a minimum security prison – it don’t get any more ‘minimum security’ than that.

He went for some cash and a change of clothes and that’s when he turned the gun on the teenage girl, his wife, three year old, and finally himself.

A baby was found in the car seat unharmed. At least that much of it was a blessing.

[MSNBC via Geekologie via gizmodo]

Calacanis Quits…Nobody likes a quitter Jason…

Jason Calacanis, one of the most influential bloggers on the scene right now, founder of Mahalo, exploiter of twitter and facebook, has announced he is going to quit blogging. What has the world come to? Eh, maybe it’s for the better.

I’m waiting to see a social network popup just around ‘betting’ whether or not he will come back to blogging. After-all I’ve quit blogging for a bit usually during the summer slow-down, but I always come back. For a true blogger, it’s almost an addiction, I can’t see how one can claim to completely give it up..but we will see.

After all Jason is known for link-bait scams, perhaps this is another one of his publicity stunts.

My personal message to Jason Calacanis: If this truly is the end for you, I tease, but I hardly know you, I regret not having the opportunity to get to know you better, or form any kind of relationship. I do however wish you the best of luck in any endeavor that you go to from here. Have a happy retirement!

I pronounce you Geek and Geek-Lover…You may Click the Bride.

they buy geeky wedding rings..This is just too good.. Seriously, what will they think of next?

Etsy has started selling a Cat5 style his / hers wedding band set for geeky couples. My wife would kill me if I bought her one, she knows I’m a geek, and she’s pretty geeky herself – but in total denial.

I could also see making some sort of necklace like this, as well.

Watch out though -they retail for $175!

More…(Gizmodo, Gadgetell, DVICE)