Incredible Mobile Spying Software Program

The greatest strategy for money sensitive company managers. The most dangerous risk to the financial success of any business is staff fraud or theft. Of course, it’s always better to establish a trustful partnership with the empoyee, but objects don’t mostly work the way you want. Their CV can be fantastic, the references that they supplied can look imprssive. But you know something is not right. To verify a better half or staff honesty, More and more security conscious company owner look to a cellular  APP newly created by MSPY, which makes it the perfect   mobile spy.



After set up, mSpy runs invisible for the end user making it possible for an observer to record each specific details of the mobile phone activity. MSpy –  handy spionage – makes it possible to:



Listen to the phone’s scenery


The app sets the target phones to a perfect bug device within short time without any hardware fine-tuning to give the opportunity to listen to all area discussions or any taking all-around the phone. That is a great option to find out the reality about what cautious staff speak or intend at the rear of your back.



Access the Phone Book


Each phone contact names and telephone numbers are now at hand showing if the work phone is used for private calls thus throwing away company money.


GPS Tracking


Thanks to GPS place tracking it is possible to check if the controlled phones have been where they are should have been.


Text message logging


Display the contents of all inbound and outgoing SMS. Many times secret data ar sent via Text messages. Also if instantly erased, this facts is on auto-pilot sent to your web-based Control Panel and is recorded.


Call logging


All outgoing and incomming calls are documented with the appropriate

dates and times.


E-mail Logging


Read full texts of e-mail obtained or sent from the controlled phone.


All pictures and video clips, sound tracks taken by the telephone.



MSpy is the perfect  Handy Spy

That shows if the workers do proper things during office times.


In total, all information through any app of the mobile, like a calendar or to-do list is available any time in a risk-free confidential mSpy account. All reports are safely uploaded in realtime and collected on the server giving unfailing evidence at your fingers!


High scalable know-how is supporting nearly all phones. All mobile gadgets using the Symbian S60, iPhone, Windows Mobile 5-0 and 6-x and Blackberry 4-2+ operating systems are completely compatible with MSPY




When developing special concentration was paid to ease during the mSpy installation onto the target gadget as well as the solution’s ability to fast upload activity logs onto the server while holding the mobile phone battery pack charged. The insignificant battery pack utilization makes the mSpy software program stand out from the competition and still deliver incredible performance.


This breakthrough technological innovation will support business professionals to detect unethical staff or partners and stop theft, data leakage, and/or misappropriation of valuable company possessions.


In addition, this top notch app will be also of good apply for caring mothers and fathers to keep an eye on their teen-age children and for anybody who fancy discovering the facts and finding the real evidence of exactly what their substantial other is in actuality doing.


mSpy software is most modern smartphone spy solution and makes a terrific alternative to dramatically expensive professional investigators.


New Year Eve: A Time to Forget about all the Worries

New Year Eve is the best time to throw a social gathering for your family and close friends. Folks are likely to stay in a joyous mood to welcome a fresh new new year & bid goodbye to the previous one particular. New Year’s Eve function demands for a fantastic time to introduce online games and actions, accompanied by very delicious dishes & drinks.

Decide the Friends

At 1st, you should choose the number of friends you want to call for the get together. It can be your dear buddies only or the large gathering with all your buddies, workplace colleagues, and household members.


At New Year Eve get collectively, you can get pretty ribbons, balloons, and colorful flowers, these as winter season jasmine & rose, to embellish the place of the function. Dangle modest, colorful lights in different corners of your residence. To give some extra ordinary looks to the celebration, you can deck the dining tables with floating candles & flowers.

Introduce Online games

Perform some pretty online games and pursuits to appreciate your time out. Well-liked online games contain “Funny Face Contest”, in which a man or woman clicks snaps of folks producing humorous faces. Afterwards, the pictures will have to be loaded on desktop remember some of the funniest movements & vote for the most funniest deal with.

An additional quite popular sport is “Guess Whose Resolution”. Notify your visitors to publish down five resolutions on slip of paper. Inquire someone to arrive up and read out the resolutions loudly. Company will have to find out whose resolutions are these. Man or woman who guessed the optimum range of resolutions properly wins a gift hamper.

Meals Arrangement

Select the dishes very carefully retaining in thoughts your guest checklist and the form of foods they choose. Do not neglect to preserve turkey’s roast, bacon, & cakes in loads. Serve drinks in between the online games to maintain your company happy and comfortable.

Presently, a excellent amount of celebration management firms are trying to help people host a successful convention or get jointly. You can hire one of them for your coming New Year Eve celebration. Numerous corporate homes have benefited from these on the web function management portals in launching a specialist, actually effectively-organized seminar, trade display, or new item launches.

The present-day occasion conduite firms have launched the concepts of online registration, secured credit rating card transactions, & scalable, Cloud-dependent communication and promotional instruments. Occasion planners will also get the choice to use calendars, reporting choices, & survey modules to decide the success of attendee encounter for the duration of and after the event.

Fitness Apps for the Samsung Captivate Glide

You may not think that your mobile phone can do a lot of different things that you can ever imagine, so you must take it as a companion. Other than being a source of entertainment, education, communication and business it can also act as your health and fitness planner. There is no other device that can help you in losing your weight and improve your health.

Being healthy and physically fit is the most important thing in someone’s life. If you have all the luxuries like best car and house etc but you are not healthy then all these things are of no use because then you cannot enjoy these things. The best thing or gift that a person can give to his own body is the health if you look healthy and you are physically fit then you can enjoy everything in life. Having a good healthy habit and diet habit plus a weight loss plan for the obese is not an easy thing to come by. Because you can see a lot of advertisement and marketing of Junk food on the internet and some of these things may mislead you.

If you wanted to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle then you have to use Samsung Captive Glide. What is the need of searching many websites for content that may not even help you in your dietary procedure when you have your Smartphone with you? Save yourself the hassle and download the relevant health or fitness applications. The applications run under the Android operating system great thanks to the Samsung develops for equipping there Samsung Captivate glide with this amazing software that has high functional, user efficiency and multitasking capabilities. You can also add the Samsung Captivate Glide accessories and enhance your experience.

Once you have made your purchase of your Samsung Captivate Glide you will find that it comes preloaded with some applications. These pre-installed applications are just for the basic users but those who now the importance of these can download more applications regarding health and fitness. There are many health and fitness applications in the online market store hence choose the one that you are contended with. There are reviews of those applications written by the manufactures explaining about the use and capabilities of the application.

Some of the most common and highly rated applications are: an application that works like a timer, it enables you to measure your running distance and also it can be linked to goggle hence track your route location allowing you to explore new routes without losing your way. There are other applications that records running distance, time, keeps track of running routes, your workout pace among many more. You can also keep a check on your calories with the help of these applications. You can also find a fast aid application from the online market stores. These are just but some of the top health applications I could sample there are many more in the Android market.

The best thing about Samsung Captive Glide is that the screen of the device is crystal clear so you can see the videos and pictures clearly. The screen is protected by the Samsung Captivate Glide screen protector. You can also enhance the protection using the Samsung Captivate Glide case which also serves as a beautifying object.

How to Keep Your Cell Phone Secure from Identity Thieves

identity theft
Rosie O’Beirne /Foter

Smart phones are really more computer than phone, and with so much of our personal information on these devices, they have become targets for identity thieves.  Cell phones used to be only good for making calls and that’s it, but now any smart phone can allow you to check your email, tweet a message, send a text message, and even transfer money from your bank account.  And while all of this makes life more convenient, it also makes us more vulnerable to having our personal information compromised.

Here are a few helpful tips for making sure the information on your mobile phone does not fall into the wrong hands.

Keep your phone on you at all times

This might sound like an obvious tip, but the average cell phone user loses their phone on a regular basis, even if it’s just for a couple minutes.  It’s easy to set your phone down somewhere and then completely forget where you put it.  That lapse of time is all a crook needs to steal your information so be extra vigilant about keeping your phone within site, and preferably within reach.

Turn off your phone’s WiFi when in public places

The WiFi threat is one that many smart phone users don’t even know about, and that makes this point even more important.  Some phones will automatically connect to a public WiFi connection if it finds one.  The problem is that some hackers will set up a phony hotspot and when your phone connects they will be able to access information like your contact list and messages, and any other information that is stored on your phone.  Make sure your WiFi is off unless you turn it on yourself, and then make sure that the hotspot you are connecting to is safe and secure.

Surf the internet using your phone’s cellular signal

This goes along with the point above but it deserves mention.  It is much more secure to just use your phone signal to surf the internet and check your email rather than using an open wireless signal.  And with 3G and 4G technology becoming more accessible these speeds are almost as fast as a WiFi connection anyway.  Even if you access the internet through a public hotpot you think is safe, some hackers have the capability of intercepting the information going in and out of your phone.

Only download apps you can trust

Apple and Google are fairly strict about what apps they let into the market place, but you still need to be cautious, especially on the Android marketplace.  Certain apps access parts of your phone that you may be unaware of, so even if they do not cause you any harm, you should know about any vulnerabilities.  You should always download apps through the official marketplace and not from any random website as well.

Lock your phone’s screen when not in use

Most smart phones have the ability to lock the screen down when it has been lying dormant for a while.  But some of us get tired of having to enter our secret code combination all the time and turn it off.  Fight this temptation.  If you ever lose your phone or someone else happens to pick it up it will make it much harder for them to access your phone’s private data.

Use an app for finding your phone

It’s a real pain when you lose your phone, but it’s easier than ever to find it.  Most smart phones have a “Find My Phone” app that will allow you to use your phone’s GPS to be able to track it down.  Just be careful.  If someone knowingly stole your phone they will not be happy to see you at their door, and you may need some assistance from the police.  But most of the time a phone is lost because of a lapse in common sense and an app like this helps to keep your phone from falling into the wrong hands.

Jon is a writer for which is a resource for consumers that want to read Lifelock reviews and learn how to find the best identity theft protection services.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Primer

Blackberry Mobile Fusion Primer
Blackberry Mobile FusionNinja M. /Foter

What Is Mobile Fusion?

Research in Motion (RIM), the Canada-based telecommunication electronics company that introduced the innovative BlackBerry mobile phone, have developed a new set of mobility tools called, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. In a nutshell, Mobile Fusion was designed to help IT professionals and mobile web developers manage nearly every type of smartphone or tablet PC. This includes any device running the Android, BlackBerry, iOS or Windows mobile operating systems. All smartphones or mobile tablet devices can be managed from a single web-based hardware management interface designed by RIM. While Mobile Fusion is currently in limited Beta testing, the RIM-developed web interface will be officially released by March 2012 at the very latest.

Who Uses Mobile Fusion?

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion was released as a simple, easy-to-use solution for both IT professionals and developers for the mobile web. A common problem in many workplace and institutional environments, is the lack of batch management solutions for a group of smartphones and tablet PCs.

Key Features

Device Management – You can manage multiple devices from a single web-based interface provided by Research in Motion. This means that as an administrator you can create and manage groups of devices, provide support for individual devices and create and manage user profiles throughout the system.

Application Management – From the RIM device management interface, you can manage applications that are both required and optional for the workplace. This means you can monitor all activity and application downloads on any BlackBerry device.

Secure BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Management – Mobile Fusion also provides specialized support for RIM’s flagship tablet PC, the BlackBerry PlayBook. You can associate a tablet with an individual user, configure individual tablets for work purposes, manage passwords and encryption all from the Mobile Fusion web interface.

Support for iOS and Android Devices – Perhaps the most attractive aspect of Mobile Fusion is its ability to manage mobile devices and tablet PCs on different networks. Basically, if members of your work team prefer Android or iOS devices to RIM-based technology, Mobile Fusion provides specialized support for those devices.

BlackBerry Balance Technology – Mobile Fusion also implements a new RIM-patented technology called BlackBerry Balance. This technology allows you to use BlackBerry devices for both work and personal purposes without compromising the security of your work-related network.

Security Options for Everyone – Finally, security is among the biggest concerns with the new Mobile Fusion system. For BlackBerry devices, Mobile Fusion utilizes sophisticated security measures to ensure protections for all data related to syncing email, contacts, calendar information and sensitive financial information to the Mobile Fusion cloud.

Benefits of Blackberry Mobile Fusion

The benefits of using BlackBerry Mobile Fusion are virtually endless. But the most obvious benefit is cost. Hiring an IT firm to design and implement a smartphone, Tablet PC and mobile device management system can be too costly for many smaller firms. Mobile Fusion allows you to easily design and implement a custom mobile device management system for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a dedicated IT team.

Jim tucker is a systems administrator at Kanetix – Canada’s premier auto insurance quoting service.  Kanetix is a key Canadian supplier of information technologies to insurance companies, and national lenders.  If you’d like to do some comparison shopping for your mortgage, credit cards, or insurance products – visit Kanetix today!

Good News For LG Smartphone Owners Running Android

Sometimes you get a breather in the rat race and LG has hooked up a sweet little deal with a company named “Box”. The deal is that LG smartphone users that run Android on their smartphone will get 50 gigabytes of free space to put their files. That sure beats one of those $40 dollar MicroSD cards.

Box Offers The Same Service As DropBox, But Bigger

LG has started up a deal with the people from Box to provide their users with some extra storage. The services from Box are similar to the services from a group with a related name; DropBox. The people from HTC have had a deal with DropBox to give up to three gigabytes of free storage. The 50 gigabytes from LG and Box is far superior to the HTC deal.

Android LG Smartphone
John.Karakatsanis /Foter

LG is choosing to use the “cloud” method of storing and accessing data. The term “cloud” is simply another word for the internet. The user will upload and download their music, videos, graphics and other files using the Box Android app and an internet connection. The Box app has a grouping option where the user does not have to wait for one file to be uploaded before another can be started. All of them can be uploaded at one time with the Android app. The app is found in the Android marketplace and is free.

Box Is Not In The Billion Dollar Club Yet

The Box company has offered this deal in the past to those who were running the WebOS ( Palm products ) or iOS mobile operating systems. Now they are focusing on the most popular mobile operating system in the United States, Android. Box started out back in 2005 and have moved up to 225 employees. They describe themselves as a “Cloud Content Management” company. They are not yet in the “billion dollar club” like Groupon, Foursquare, or even their rival DropBox. They have raised about $159 million dollars so far. They seem to be busy with Apple users at the moment. Their dive into the iOS storage market netted them one million users.

Some Disadvantages Of Cloud Storage on an LG Smartphone

The people at HTC are thinking of incorporating the DropBox app into their smartphones. LG Smartphone would do well to do this also, especially since the “cloud” way of doing storage is getting so popular. The tried and true storage of the past, using a hard drive or an external flash drive is getting tested. If this new way of putting storage into the cloud gets more popular, it will of course put more of a strain on the already strained 3G and 4G networks. If the 3G option is used, it will also not be all that “free” since the user will need to pay the carrier for the use of the cell network.

Besides writing on internet marketing Daniel is also fond of everything related to finance. He also contributes to where you can get some interesting information on Home Loan Calculator and bad credit personal loans.

5 Features I Like Best About My iPad

The iPad2 is the hottest selling gadget this 2011. When it first went on the market on March
11, all Apple outlets and stores carrying the iPad went out of stock within hours. Compared
to other tablets that have been released, iPad is the clear leader when it comes to market

top ipad features
Sean MacEntee /Foter

Being an online marketer, I decided to give it a try myself. So far my experience with
my iPad has been great.

Here are the 5 features I like best about my iPad 2.

  • Battery life. I travel a lot. So battery time is a very important factor for me. I needed
    a gadget that could last for at least six hours. You can imagine my joy when I found
    out that the ipad2 has a battery life of 10 hours. If I just use it for surfing the net or
    writing, I can utilize it for an entire day without having recharge.
  • Software. The iPad 2 uses a dual-core A5 chip. It’s fast and smooth. It allows
    multitasking, loads apps quickly and has great graphics.
  • Size and weight. The device is 33% thinner and 15% lighter than iPad 1. It is also
    thinner by about 0.5 mm than iPhone 4. It weighs about 1.33 lbs-1.35lbs. The iPad
    2 is so thin and so light that it can easily be an extension of yourself. Try buying an
    iPad 2 and pretty soon, you wont be able to go anywhere without it.
  • Sleep feature. iPad 2 is touch and go. You don’t need to shut it down and start it
    up. All you have to do is press the home button and it wakes up. It is an extremely
    convenient feature for those who are always on the go.
  • Appearance. Call me vain but I love gadgets that look good. iPad 2 is sleek and posh
    looking. It comes in two designs – black and white. Personally, I prefer the white
    version. It looks clean and classy. Bringing a netbook around can be a little nerdy.
    But with an iPad tucked in your arms, you can look professional and chic at the same

“Amy C. is an interior decoration aficionado and online marketer. Aside from being an
avid reader, she also likes testing and trying new home and office decorating themes. In
addition to being an interior decoration hobbyist, she enjoys designing accent tables and candle lanterns

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Introducing Your Grandma to Smartphones

Grandma and Smartphones
Yutaka Tsutano /Foter

Many senior citizens aren’t interested in big advancements in technology like smartphones or even computers. They might be resistant to doing things differently, and the use of these types of electronics doesn’t come naturally to them because they didn’t grow up exposed to them like kids do now. Most senior citizens can get by just fine without ever thinking about gadgets and apps.

But if you have a really “cool” grandparent who likes to stay on the cutting edge, a basic cell phone just might not be enough for his or her interests. Your grandmother may be eager to learn to use a smartphone, and you may be the one to teach her.

So How do You Teach Grandma to use Smartphones?

Many, though certainly not all, senior citizens are on a very different learning curve than younger generations. Here are some things to keep in mind when helping to introduce your grandparents to the world of smartphones.

Be Patient

No matter what, don’t get frustrated with your grandmother for her lack of knowledge or the speed at which she catches on. Using a smartphone may be a very new and different experience, so be extremely patient throughout the entire process. You don’t want to make her feel bad or pressure her. She is certainly trying; it just may take some extra time and effort.

Go Over the Basics

Don’t assume that your grandmother knows the basics of working a cell phone, because every smartphone is different. First go over the basic aspects of using the particular phone she has, such as how to make and receive calls, and store and look up numbers. Go over other mechanics like how to use the camera and text messaging if she’s so inclined. Show her how to access and change pertinent settings on her phone, like the ringtone and volume. Also teach her how to access the Internet and app store, as well as how to perform searches or purchase an app.

Set Up Useful Features and Apps

Next, help your grandmother use her smartphone by setting up some things for her. For example, bookmark her favorite websites and show her how to get to them. Then, download the apps she knows she wants and help her practice using them. You may want to suggest some useful apps for her. Think about what your grandma will primarily be using the phone for, and help her accordingly. She probably wants to communicate with her loved ones, so think about installing an app that allows her to video chat with her faraway relatives, and teach her how to use it. In the beginning, don’t try to do too much at once. Give her some time to practice using the features and apps she’s most interested in before introducing her to more. The most she practices, the more she will get the hang of things on her own.

Consider Her Physical Needs

Don’t forget to consider if your grandmother requires any particular modifications for her phone. If she is hearing-impaired, help her find the volume that works best for her. If she has difficulty reading small text, change the text on her phone to a larger font. There are also many accessories available for disabled or impaired people, and there are things that will help make using a smartphone easier, such as a full-size keyboard or voice-activated dialing.

Terry Ford loves to explore the challenges that come with quickly changing technology. As a writer she relies on Grammarly grammar checker to deliver high quality written work.

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Merger: AT&T and T-Mobile, or Not?

at&t and t-mobile merger
naotoj /Foter

I know – we are all waiting. Still there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the proposed merger between the heavy hitters of the cell phone world AT&T and T-Mobile. Money and lots of it has gone into making this deal happen, and so much time and still nothing? Why is that exactly?

Ever heard of the idiom ‘too many cooks in the kitchen will spoil the broth’? We may be witnessing a case of that taken to an extreme. There are so many with varying interests vested in this merger that it has little forward movement. It isn’t just the merger of two big cell phone giants we are witnessing, but the careful wooing of lobbyists, financiers, other cell phone giants Sprint and Verizon, and all the political interests groups under the sun. They all have a stake in the outcome of this union, or failure depending on who we are speaking about.

What really would happen if the merger proceeded? Some see it as an opportunity to have AT&T bring many call center jobs back to Americans, back to the US. But fears about what will happen in the cell phone industry seems to trump this potential gain for Americans, because if there are only three real players on the field, how would it affect us, the consumers? Do you fancy less competition for pricing on cell phone plans? How would you feel about being fenced in through lack of options to cell phone plans? Does that seem a legitimate concern as we watch the wrangling? Worried now? Me too, but wait a minute, just think. Has this happened before in other industries in the US? Oh now we remember. Some examples are the steel industry, or beer industry. Will new competitors rise to cause an upset to this ruse, or are we being taken in by excellent rhetoric on the part of AT&T?

What will happen if and when the merger falls through? Some camps will be satisfied at least, the Department of Justice that filed an antitrust suit against AT&T. The Federal Communication Commission expressed stringent objections to the merger and was moved to action. Hence the suit that is snagging an already flagging deal. The FCC is trying to prevent the merger. The grounds they use to object may or may not be hindering the merger in our best interest, or is it in others’ best interests? Verizon and Sprint will be happy to see AT&T’s growth limited. We will still have 4 major cell phone service providers in the US. But what about all those promised jobs that we will never see materialize? Many more people would have had access to mobile broadband through this merger, or at least that is what AT&T claimed, where will that go if the deal falls through?

Many people have taken to calling the T-Mobile customer service number to give them their two cents on the subject. Although clearly not helpful, it could certainly be a fun way to get your opinion to the company even if it’s only to a low level phone answerer.

Becka Caldwell is a student at Harvard Business School and spends her time promoting many websites including Find Phone Numbers, a website that helps people to easily get different customer service numbers of companies in the UK.

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10 Awesome BUT Extinct iPhone Apps #iHateApple

Here are some reasons to hate apple even more – their tyrranical control over apps.

This list is from Time’s Techland section. [Source: and @OneJaredNewman]

  1. iTether – Hmm pay $15 once, or $20-30 monthly for tethering..I’d choose the $15 once.. – Dead thanks to Apple. Jailbreak Alternatives: MiWi & PDANet
  2. iDOS – This is a full DOS emulator for iOS. It cost $1 and allowed people to load Windows 3.1 and lots of classic computer games on both iPhones and iPads. This was shut down because it ran unsigned code. — Jailbreak Alternatives: DOSPad
  3. Nescaline – an 8 bit Nintendo fan’s dream come true. Alas this was shut down for being an emulator allowing for some copyright violations, though some emulators are still allowed like C64. – Jailbreak Alternatives: NES available via Cydia.
  4. Print to PDF – Originally a $4 app arriving to the App Store in August of 2011. This app let users print web pages, photos, and emails to PDF documents.
    Apparently apple did not like the developers using AirPrint to print docs as PDF files and it was yanked. Jailbreak Alternatives: TruPrint.
  5. iControlBits – This is a bitTorrent tool to control one’s Transmission(a BitTorrent client for Mac) remotely. This app let people add new files, pause existing downloads, etc.. Apparently closed simply for having anything at all to do with Torrents. – Jailbreak Alternatives: iControlBits is still available for download.
  6. Any Music Downloader – Does what the name says, it let users play and download MP3 files from around the Web. Users could download those files directly from their iPhone to their PCs, this was stomped out obviously for it’s copyright infringment capabilities, and for taking business away from iTunes. – Jailbreak Alternatives : MusicMeow is pretty close.
  7. aMusic – a native app for Amazon’s Cloud Player that launched in October 2011. This gave users 5 GB of free storage, and the ability to stream songs instead of downloading. It was taken down when Amazon requested they pull the app because of “legal issues with the music industry” see a Mashable post about this. Jailbreak Alternatives: Nada, but a $2 gMusic app can access Google’s similar service and it’s not a Jailbreak app.
  8. VLC is a free media player supporting many differnt file types that the built in iPhone media player doesn’t including: AVI, MPG, MKV, etc.. This free app was based off the desktop app of the same name. The App was in violation of VLC’s open source licensing agreement because of the digital rights management of the App Store, so a developer of the Desktop version asked Apple to remove the app. – Jailbreak Alternatives: Get the App from Cydia.
  9. Phone Story – this is an informational app that was critical of tech companies, and consumer culture. Apple pulled it because of it’s depiction of child abuse from tech companies. – Jailbreak Alternatives: None, but it is available on Android.
  10. Siri – This was removed from the app store due to it being an exclusive feature of the new iPhone 4S. Jailbreak Alternatives : Some hackers have been able to run it on older phones, but so far there aren’t any howtos.

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