Time to Freelance with TopTal

I’ve been doing software development for 5-10 years (many of those first years were devoted to hobby work and side projects. The past 5-6 have been more dedicated to perfecting my craft. My major focus has been web development including wordpress and sugar crm, and custom scripts built on laravel, and ruby on rails.

I’ve been in Utah for about 2 years now, and have found employment to be highly competitive. Which is why I’ve decided to give TopTAL a chance and get started in freelancing.

My favorite frameworks are: Laravel, Ruby on Rails, and if I need to go mobile either MeteorJS or IonicFramework. I also enjoy angularjs for a smooth frontend experience, but have lately been also playing around with ReactJS a bit, though I do tend to be a bit more backend (server code), rather than front end (js/client-side).

As an entrepreneur I’ve also started many side projects, though many haven’t seen the light of day, but each one has helped me grow and progress as a developer. It’s through building stuff and breaking things that you get better at the craft of programming.

Recently, I’ve put in a number of bids on odesk, and freelancer.com but it’s hard to find good rewarding projects on those sites, and most people are looking for developers from countries like India where they will accept a lot less per hour, than to pay U.S. wages. I enjoy freelance work because I can work when I want (which is often after midnight when the house is quiet and everybody is asleep, it pays well if you get the right jobs, and I can work on different types of projects.

Lately I’ve been doing some research and found TopTal.com and I’m finding it to be an awesome resource for developers. Only the absolute BEST freelancers work at TopTal, they get thousands of applications, and only about 3% get accepted, and they work for major companies like AirBNB. They also have great training posts and topics on their blog, and both long and short term work, and they promise to provide working opportunities, so you don’t have to spend all day looking and bidding on projects and instead can just work.

I’ve just recently began the projcess to join their Web Engineer Group, and I really hope I make it. Wish me luck!

FreeCodeCamp Bonfire Challenge Solutions

In order to help land that coding job I’ve been dreaming of, and since I’m currently unemployed, I thought I’d use spare time where I’m not coding on something cool, or applying for dev jobs to work on my craft.

Beginner Algorithm Scripting

Here are gists from the Bonfire Challenges:

Free Code Camp :: Bonfires

1. Bonfire: Meet Bonfire

2. Bonfire: Reverse a String

3. Bonfire: Factorialize a Number

4. Bonfire: Check for Palindromes

5. Bonfire: Find the Longest Word in a String

6. Bonfire: Title Case a Sentence

7. Bonfire: Return Largest Numbers in Arrays

8. Bonfire: Confirm the Ending

9. Bonfire: Repeat a string repeat a string

10. Bonfire: Truncate a string

11. Bonfire: Chunky Monkey

12. Bonfire: Slasher Flick

13. Bonfire: Mutations

14. Bonfire: Falsy Bouncer

15. Bonfire: Seek and Destroy

16. Bonfire: Where do I belong

Intermediate Algorithm Scripting

1. Bonfire: Sum All Numbers in a Range

2. Bonfire: Diff Two Arrays

3. Bonfire: Roman Numeral Converter

4. Bonfire: Where art thou

5. Bonfire: Search and Replace

6. Bonfire: Pig Latin

7. Bonfire: DNA Pairing

8. Bonfire: Missing letters

9. Bonfire: Boo Who

10. Bonfire: Sorted Union

11. Bonfire: Convert HTML Entities

12. Bonfire: SpinalTap Case

13. Bonfire: Sum All Odd Fibonacci Numbers

14. Bonfire: Sum All Primes

How to keep tables uncluttered by using profiles for each user type in Ruby on Rails

This is a continuation of my STI / Single Table Inheritance article: “How to use multiple User types with the same model in Rails aka STI or Single Table Inheritance

To keep your tables less cluttered and better normalized, I do recommend creating profile tables for each user type. What I did is this for my student’s example:

I have a student_profiles table with things like skype_username, birthdate, etc. To set this up You’ll want to do your migration.

Then we edit the Student model like so:

Now you can keep your user table and class more minimal and separate everything out into their own model. I also recommend putting all of these folders in models/users folder. To do that though you will need to edit config/application.rb and add the following line:

Thinking ahead you may want to group more models together, especially if you have a large number of models and tables, to do that you’ll just need to add a new line the same thing as above, just change the last part of the path to match the path to the folder with your models, and you should be good to go!


How to Use Multiple User Types (STI or Single Table Inheritance) with the Same Model in Ruby on Rails

Lately, I’ve been building a complex CRM for music teachers to manage students, invoicing, etc… It’s gotten a bit complicated, and I myself have learned a lot from this side project. One important thing I’ve learned is STI, or Single Table Inheritance. Basically, this lets you easily have sub models with their own intricacies, relationships, etc so you don’t clog up the main user class, but they all use the same table, and are easier to modify on their own.

I have admin.rb, student.rb, parent.rb, and teacher.rb files with classes to go with them…

I’ve built this all using Sorcery for the backend, but you can use devise, or whatever else floats your boat.

The first step is creating a “type” attribute on the users table. This is required by STI to know which type of user we’re dealing with. I’m going to assume you already have your user authentication system all setup.

Next you’ll want to create a subclass. For this example we’re just going to use Student.

When we create this, we also need to make sure that when the “type” attribute is set it’s always titleized. You’ll get errors and have issues if for instance the user.type was set to “student” and not “Student”. Case matters in this case.




Now, just make sure each user has a type, or perhaps have some sort of fallback, or default type as well. Then whenever you query Student.all or Teacher.all you’ll be pulling data out of the users table, but only get back Student and Teachers.

Next you may want to checkout my article on: How to keep tables uncluttered by using profiles for each user type.

More good articles on Single Table Inheritance / STI:



Now Shipping Glitter and Poop to your Enemies, Friends, Grandma!

Now shipping Glitter to your Enemies
GlitterandPoop.com : Ship Glitter to your Enemies

If you’re mad that the ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com site is gone, down, and being sold to the highest bidder before you could get your order in – don’t fret. Newest site on the block promises to offer many new, and great features to set itself apart from the rest. Ship Glitter for only $7.99!

GlitterAndPoop.com — It’s like a unicorn shat all over your house.  Get glitter sent to your friends and enemies. Coming soon, you can ship poop too! There’s even a fun game where you can guess who sent you glitter and send a revenge package to them.

I built glitter and poop over 3 days using Laravel, and a Sleek Bootsttap theme I found for free. I love the concept and hope you do too! Looking to add other prank as a service type services in the future too!

How to Use Local Environment as Default in Laravel Artisan CLI

I have to say, I absolutely LOVE Laravel – everything about it.

One of my favorite features is the ability to separate your app into local/production versions.

I use a lot of packages for development, that I just don’t need on my production version of the app. How do I resolve this? By using two different environments w/ different App.php configs. Read my tutorial on this here.

You might find that this only works for your app when running it in the browser. Here’s how to make sure that the local environment is ALSO set for command-line e.g. Artisan and Tinker.

One option of course is to do:

But who wants to write –env=local after EVERY artisan command? I am a pragmatist and believe in using technology to my advantage. This is great when needing to switch back and forth for a minute, but when doing it all the time you need an alternative.

next add “PatrickPC” to bootstrap/start.php

Now artisan should run w/ local environment as default when on this machine, let’s test it:

Got questions? Leave a comment!

How to setup Local and Production environments on Laravel

One great feature of Laravel is how easy it is to setup local and dev environments.

Why would you want separate environments?

  • Require separate packages for dev, and production.
  • Less bloat / potential for errors on production.
  • Turn off debug on production.
  • Special config options for local vs production.
  • etc…

Next we simply create a new folder at : App/config/local/

If you create a App.php file -this file will override the global App.php in the parent directory while working in the local environment. So you can add different providers/facades to this local version and not mess up the production version.

Stop Using Free Web Templates; Hire A Web Development Company For Better Future Of Your Site

Certainly one of my buddy was seeing some commercial on the web: Complete web site with $79!!! It was commercial for a web template firm and he needed to construct a personal site for himself and he didn’t wish to go to a web development company. I agreed along with his resolution as a result of his expectations had been fairly limited. He needed to have hardly four to 5 pages for his private profile and contacts. However what if someone wants to construct a web site for a small to massive dimension enterprise?

Creating websites with template would prove a mistaken resolution for businessmen who wish to see his enterprise develop or entirely depend on the web marketing. Why is it so? Obviously templates have plenty of limitations. Let us talk about a few of them here.

Look and Feel

Templates are designed by professionals so they are wanting stunning however keep in mind if you’re ready to spend some fortune over custom design and hire an excellent graphics designer in a custom web development firm; you’re going to get more stunning design. It will be distinctive design for you and at each step your selection could be asked. You possibly can see coloration of your selection; theme or sample could be as per your imagination. Use of CSS would convey great performance with higher look and feel.


Web site templates are downloadable means apart from you there are many who might have downloaded the template of your selection before. This creates clones of the websites or many websites are practically looks alike to yours. Should you intend to make a unique design for your small business you have to neglect the use of the templates in your web development and need to go to the path of custom web development.


There are some template selling websites says that you may customise their template. All proper; however have you learnt what you want for the customization. First of all is image editing software, do you could have it? If yes, are you proficient with their use? Another requirement is data of coding and coding software like Front page or Dreamweaver. Most of us do not have these all.

There’s some software which affords customization by simply ‘drag and drop’ manner in templates. You possibly can create your custom design at some extent however they have their very own limitations. They will produce so many div tags which make complicated for further refinement or customizations if you know HTML. For texts you will be end up with an overlapping design and will not permit you to go further. For website positioning objective you must insert Meta tags frequently.

website positioning
Search engine likes textual content more in compare to different components. Good and sufficient contents in your focused viewers is better selection and for that you want plenty of textual content written by skilled content writer. Web templates have restricted house for the textual content and past that you may not insert textual content more in the event you attempt to do then you’re going to get overlapped textual content paragraphs in it. While with personalized web development you get sufficient room in your contents to develop and optimized from website positioning point of view.


Photographs in web site are essentially the most influential factor to determine its loading time and to decrease the loading time you’ll want to optimize the images. In template based mostly web page you hardly find such choice and whether it is there, you further want photo editor software and its operating knowledge. For good website positioning your pictures want alter tags where you must put your keywords. A lot of the templates don’t enable such modification.


Web site templates are fundamental and static. There is no such thing as a room for a dynamic web site template available in the market where as you will get integration of Ajax etc. in your site with custom web development company. Users are unable to create pages by themselves with template design as happens with most of social advertising websites like Squidoo or Hubpages.

With this overview you might have satisfied yourselves that if you wish to stay for lengthy available in the market you have to have custom web development with a reputed web development company. Template based mostly web development is ineffective and ought to be kept at a side.

This post is written by James Patterson, he is a web enthusiast and ingenious blogger who loves to write about many different topics, such as sterling silver jewelry. His educational background in journalism and family science has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He enjoys experimenting with various techniques and topics like cz rings, and has a love for creativity. He has a really strong passion for scouring the internet in search of inspirational topics.

Amazon kindle Reader – Wireless – Along with Fresh E Printer ink Bead Technology – Review

Kindle will be the product that gets the many 5-star rankings about Amazon.org, and also the fresh Ipad wireless reader is only going to generate more of these rankings.UKDRESSSTORE I think PC Magazine has described that correct simply by proclaiming that “it’s the most effective dedicated digital ebook reader you should buy.”Party Dresses

The initial thing you will observe right after keeping the device is actually the weight. Evaluating merely 8.5 oz, your reader is actually lighter in weight when compared to a publication and can be easily useful for lengthy periods of reading. Additionally it is leaner as compared to earlier technology items, using a fullness of merely 1/3 inches.

The display screen is actually of the identical dimensions (6″ diagonal) because earlier Kindles but the image quality has enhanced. The particular presence is excellent during vibrant sunshine. The new Ipad utilizes a high-contrast, diagonal At the Printer ink Display screen along with Pearl Engineering. According to the Amazon, the new technology improves the comparison in 2. The particular typefaces have also enhanced : they are crispier and also darker as compared to before. One more quality of the At the Printer ink Display screen is actually lesser glare when compared with LCDs. The reason behind this particular, in accordance with Amazon, is that the At the Printer ink surface area is actually treated to be flat similar to any printed page.Homecoming Dresses uk

The Wi-Fi reader offers speedy services : it is possible to down load your own publications in under a second. There’s also a Web-Kit based internet browser that can be used to be able to look at net using your Wi-Fi, but this particular function continues to be trial and error. Totally free Wi-Fi entry can be acquired from AT&T hot spots throughout the region.

Kindle provides you usage of a lot more than Nine hundred,000 publications, together with mp3 audiobooks, periodicals and also sites. The majority of the publications are under $10. Should you be looking from some totally free publications, then you can down load the out-of-copyright publications. Ipad has a lot more than 1.8 thousand of these publications. A fresh inclusion will be the 60,000+ mp3 audiobooks provided by Audible.org.

A very good function of Ipad will be the online backup. The particular publications you purchase from the Ipad Retailer are put into your own Ipad catalogue, from which it is possible to down load them free of charge when you wish. You can also read these publications about other products that you might make use of, including apple iphone, PC, Mac pc, and also Blackberry mobile phones.

A truly useful function will be the inclusion of actual page numbers taken from the publication types. This makes it easy cite pages. One more fresh function that might be is actually book lending. Those that want to reveal your own publications with others will be able to lend qualified Ipad publications for any period of Fourteen days. An element that’s slated to be available afterwards around is actually Ipad Collection lending. With this center, it is possible to look at any Ipad book from the local catalogue and read that about any kind of Kindle/ totally free Ipad iphone app.

The fresh Ipad, Graphite, Wi-Fi, 6″ Exhibit along with New At the Printer ink Pearl Engineering can be acquired with regard to $114, when you buy that along with promotions. You can also arranged screensavers simply by downloading a free iphone app called the Amazon AdMash. The particular promotions can look on your house display screen and also the Ipad screensaver and may even include gift charge cards, deals, book-purchase deals, etc.

If you are searching for the best e-book reader, after that Ipad will be the best product for you personally!

4 Great Ways To Convert Any Small Business Into A Profitable Business Online

There are a handful of secrets that I’d like to share with you. You may have been privy to a few of them before.

The initial two parts of this series had been geared towards both the search engines and your visitors. If you’d like more assistance on the best places to buy web pages or exactly where to buy site traffic, search: how to get traffic on website.

This article focuses directly on your visitor – more specifically, your relationship with your visitor. It’s essential to gently and effectively pre-sell your visitor on your services or goods.

Pre-selling is far a lot more effective than selling.

Anyone can sell a product or service on the internet. All it takes can be a link to a payment processor like PayPal. The difference between successful online company owners and those wishing to make a buck is in their ‘voice’.  An internet site has a voice.

The look and feel of your site gives your visitor an impression. When your visitor reads your words they should know the persona of your company and think of you as an expert.

These words, or content, ought to offer tons of info in tiny, bite-sized chunks of text.  No one likes to read 8 pages of content material on a website.

On the flip side, nobody likes to buy a product without knowing more about it. You might want to discover the perfect balance between no information and offering too much.

Generally speaking, 400-800 words can do the trick. It could provide content, position you as the expert and gently pre-sell your visitor on an item or service.

Along with just how much content material you provide, you ought to focus on supplying specific answers to your customer’s problems or concerns. Most visitors are on your internet site mainly because they want answers.

They are not surfing your site to get something. They want answers. So give them answers! It’s how you provide your answers that matters.

Selling is cold, distant and forceful. Pre-selling is the opposite. Pre-selling may be thought of as a recommendation or a side note to all of the fantastic content you provide.

You need your website voice to develop trust and even rapport with your visitor. Throughout that time you are positioned as a professional. Any soft recommendation that you make will be considered by your visitor.

Forceful selling causes people to put up their defenses. It causes them to take a step back and wonder what your ulterior motives are. Pre-selling does not impact people this way.