Why the Singularity proves Time Travel Impossible


time travel possible

The fact is that Ray Kurzweil is a mad genius, he is definitely mad, and he’s definitely a genius, and some of his predictions are quite scary.

Nothing is more scary, and exhilarating as the thought of a technological singularity – the point in time where we–mankind become unecessary. For millenia, since the dawn of history WE humans have propelled ALL scientific discoveries, all progress has been a result of human intellect, and that intellect is what separates us from all other creatures in the world, and maybe even the universe(until proven wrong).

We have the ability to build, change, and disrupt the world around us, and even the universe in great and profound ways. Yet, it is predicted that there is an 80% chance that by 2040 we will have entered the post-human era. What is this? When a super-intelligent AI computer/robot eclipses the intellect and brain processing abilities of a human.

This sounds amazing, fascinating, and like science fiction, but let me ask you does warp drives, wormholes, time travel, blackholes(in a lab), cold fusion, lasers in warfare, space elevators sound like science fiction? What about a brain chip that can control a robot exoskeleton as an extension of the brain, –or a prosthetic device w/ the ability to send REAL touch back to the brain of the user — or printable kidneys? — YET many of these are not only being researched, but some are now a reality!

We are living in an AMAZING era where science fiction ceases to be fiction, and becomes part of reality. This gives me a huge noody™ (nerd woody), and scares the shit out of me at the same time. When we arrive at the point in history where a machine can do everything a human can, and do it better, we become the animal – a nuisance that takes up space, and no longer will we give way to advances in technology, because technology will be able to create new technology faster than we can conceive, research, and develop said technology. In other words, there is no point in us developing or building anything new after this point, as machines will be able to do it at a much faster speed, meaning we may probably not put as much value on education -what is the point when we don’t need to know anything because machines know it all?

Which brings me to time travel, IF time travel were possible it is postulated that we would be surrounded by time travellers, but they would mostly be disguised probably to avoid detection and possible paradoxes, BUT we are closer to AI than time travel, and if time travel is possible at all – it will be an yAI that discovers it, meaning that it will be robot’s that come back in time, and they would surely bring future technology backwards in time, in order to propel future growth even faster. Imagine giving a smartphone to someone in 1890 and all the engineering manuals upto 2010 – then repeating with even more data, and so forth.. .. or if time travel were possible wouldn’t there be a high likely-hood that something like the terminator would have already played out?

This is just thoughts and speculation of course, — there’s also the possibility that AI computers do discover time-travel but have a directive NOT to go back in time before the invent of the machine because doing so – and causing some sort of ‘havoc’ on mankind, would essentially wake up mankind to that fact that we’re going to destroy ourselves if we go further, and thus we stop all research on AI, and time travel – – yet, if we live in a multi-verse where that one robot from the future that came back to destroy us before we even discover how to make it — would keep on existing because it comes from a parallel world where it was created even though in this one, that will not happen, but if all time is linear w/out multi-verses or deviations then the question lies – if you remove a piece of history that leads to your creation, and you are currently residing in the history — do you then disappear instantaneously and cease to exist – and if you do cease to exist, how did you remove the piece of history since you weren’t created to do so…. — I guess that’s the nature of a paradox, and would something like this unravel time and space?

Or, what if we are as some scientists are postulating – a scientific computer simulation, at which point –creation of a paradox would not end the universe, but cause the simulation to ‘error out’ and crash. So, to us it will be end game, to the other us – doing the research, it’ll just be a temporary set-back needing further debugging.

The more I think about these topics, the more I feel that you almost need a super-intellect to even understand all the complexities that our future holds, and as I said from the start of this post, I am both exhilarated, and scared shitless at the same time, I say bring it, if we are to be destroyed, let’s just get it out of the way because there’s nothing to stop it – hopefully all generations of AI keep in mind Asimov’s 3 laws of robotics, and maybe we will survive this singularity, or maybe WE will become the machines, and instead of being out-paced by technology actually become the technology that replaces us in the world.

Making the Most of Social Media Marketing

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crunchbase

Social media has gone from a fun way to stay in touch with friends and family, to an essential tool to be used in any successful marketing campaign. There are now more social media platforms to choose from, and they’re accessible to more people than ever before.

This is partly due to the fact that most social media sites can be tapped into from more than once device. Just by visiting the website of one communications provider, such as www.o2.co.uk, you will find a number of devices that allow internet access. From smartphones to tablet devices, there are a huge number of ways to access social media sites – which means that this is one of the most important means of customer communication of businesses worldwide.

There are two main reasons why social media offers marketing opportunities that can be essential to any business or product. The first is the ability to reach a huge number of potential customers and clients all around the world. No other platform has such far-reaching capabilities. Secondly, these sites are usually free to use. Therefore, you can create a marketing campaign for little to no cost to the business as a whole.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are great for spreading the word about a particular product, event, organisation, or cause. These sites often offer a good means of encouraging users to visit your main websites. Most importantly, they are a two-way means of communication. Not only will you be able to speak directly to the targets of your marketing campaign, but you will be able to receive their feedback, in order to improve on your project. This is why social media can provide a key role within marketing, and can be key in helping your campaign have a significant promotional impact.

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Hirosito what is it good for? What is Hirosito & Why do I care?

Hirosito is an interesting word. Why am I blogging about Hirosito?

Tonight I was searching for niche keywords. I’m a big fan of the tv sitcom heroes, so I put heroes into my webceo, under the ‘get suggestions’ tab. What I’m looking for are good niches with a high KEI.

Heroes yeilded Nada. After heroes, I tried the word “hero”. Still nothing. My favorite character on the sitcom is Hiro Nakamura. So the next term I put in was Hiro with an “i”.

I was flabbergasted when it pulled up the term: Hirosito.

I had no clue what Hirosito means but the kei is: 9,501,221.183. This is huge it’s the largest find I’ve ever found. Of course my blogging about Hirosito may create an influx of competition for this word, but I’m curious to see what may happen if I can rank in the top 10 for Hirosito.

According to webceo there are about 234,215 searches for Hirosito daily, however there’s only 5,770 competing websites.

I’m not the first to capitalize on this term obviously. According to hirosito.info – hirosito means internet marketing or seo. Someone who practices hirosito is an expert internet marketer.  Because I found it while using “Niche Marketing”, I personally am going to use it to mean Niche Marketing.

In the spirit of that, I am going to replace ‘niche marketing’ with the term hirosito, in future blog posts, as an experiment in seo. Of course some believe hirosito, may actually mean HI, Rosito, which is definitely a possibility. Anyway you look at it, it is a cool word.

What are your opinions on Hirosito? Do you know any other meaning for Hirosito?

Want to help my hirosito experiment be a success? Blog about it, and link to this post.

One side note, my wife says Hirosito is a name, and that could certainly be the case, but it is a cool niche search anomaly.

How to: Create a Killer Landing Page in WordPress

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A landing page can serve many purposes. It is often used in Affiliate marketing and PayPerClick campaigns when trying to get visitors to go to your affiliate campaigns.

It can also be used for Split testing different marketing campaigns for an ebook, or online product.

For instance you can create a special link for a friend to blog about where everyone who visits that person’s specialized landing page and orders gives your friend a referral fee.

You can also setup different landing pages to see which ads get people to act.

First step in setting up a landing page in wordpress is designing the template for your landing page.

The easy way if you know your way around php and wordpress themes is just to make a duplicate of your ‘Page’ template and rename it to ‘landing page 1’ or something similar. Then edit that to look the way you want it. For instance it’s a good idea to remove the sidebar on landing pages.

On a landing page you want the focus of attention to be whatever your point is. The point of landing pages is to get a quick action from an internet user with a short attention span.

Get them to fill out your CPA form, or visit whatever program you want them to purchase from, or even just get them to subsribe to your newsletter.

Don’t give them distractions.

If you don’t feel comfortable editing your theme files, then you can try the AffiliateTheme which already comes with built in Landing pages that you can use.

Second Step (Optional)

If your landing page is for a special offer, or for a discount then you don’t want the whole internet finding your landing page. (Some landing pages you do want the whole world knowing about, some you don’t)

In this case I recommend using the Advanced Category Excluder plugin.

This plugin lets you create a special category that the plugin will ‘exclude’ from your website. It will make it so the page will not show in search engines, or anywhere else. The only way to find the page will be to know the exact link, so only those who receive the link will be able to use it.

(Special thanks to Slyvisions.com for the heads up on the Advanced Category Excluder Plugin and it’s use in Landing Pages)

Can you think of any other ways to create and optimize landing pages on WordPress?

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32 Nifty Ways to Build Links, and Drive Traffic!

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Link building is an essential necessity for all bloggers, unless you don’t want to be indexed by google and drive a ton of traffic to your blog, then by all means – skip right past this blog post.

Here is a definitive – simple list of things you can do to get incoming links.

  1. Give away Freebies
  2. Contribute to popular forums, using your link in your signature.
  3. Write a pillar or link bait article, and get it plastered on digg, reddit, and other viral sites.
  4. Create video link bait that goes viral on youtube.
  5. Post your link as the source on Question and Answer sites like Yahoo Answers.
  6. Write a WordPress Theme, or Plugin. Themes are great because you can link back to your site in the copyright area.
  7. Do something unusual that gets you noticed on a popular news site.
  8. Share the link love, link to others who may link back.
  9. Insult an authority in your niche, might get you flamed but it may get you some good backlinks.
  10. Become top commenter on do-follow blogs.
  11. Produce killer content that people quote, and link to.
  12. Use Ping.fm to post your blog posts across multiple social networks so people see it, and link to it.
  13. Cross link from your other websites.
  14. Provide a great service, or design a web app.
  15. Make an ebook. Give it away for a great way to get new email subscribers for your blog.
  16. Starting an affiliate program, is a great way to get a ton of incoming links, and authority.
  17. Write guest posts for other blogs in your niche, make sure to add your link in the bio box.
  18. Submit articles to article sites, linking back to your site in the bio.
  19. Purchase Reviews, or ask people to review it.
  20. Become DoFollow and Submit your blog to dofollow directories.
  21. Write reviews, if you give a good review the site may link to you, if you give a bad review then other sites might link to your review.
  22. Submit to free and paid directories.
  23. Write list posts, people love lists(you’re reading this post aren’t you?), and lists get lots of links!
  24. Make a poll or survey that people are interested in.
  25. Create a wikipedia page about your blog, that links back to it.
  26. Sponsor other sites, get them to review you.
  27. Start a charity or non-profit.
  28. Hold contests. Then post that contest at Blog Contest Site.
  29. Release a firefox extension or plugin that is a must have.
  30. Interview someone famous, or at least semi-famous. Even a popular blogger will work, your mom, though in most cases won’t work.
  31. Writing meaningful, non-spammy, comments on do-follow blogs.
  32. Ask for people to retweet, digg, or stumble your best articles.

What do you do to build links that I missed?

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7 Steps to Dominate Google Trends, and Make it as a Full-time Blogger!

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Google Trends is the untold hero of my blog.

Google trends is my hero. I’d almost given up blogging. I actually was about to call it completely quits this past summer.

I was making maybe $20 per month, and working my ass off. Then I saw a post at digital point forums, someone said they’d heard someone had gotten a lot of hits by using google trends, they were wondering if this was really possible.

Not one to wait for an answer, I went out and did my own experimenting. I wrote a blog using the keywords “Hurricane Gustav Track”, now my blog has nothing to do about weather, but my blog got hammered from that one blog post.

I was sold. Since then I’ve been working feverishly posting google trends posts and have been very happy with my results. Let’s just say it’s gotten me out of the 9-5 and now I’m making a full-time living blogging.

Here is my easy to follow system for using google trends.

Step 1: Bring up Google Trends in your browser.

Step 2: Browse all the hot topics. Write down any hot keyword phrases that appear more than once, or are related to other keywords.

Using Google TrendsI’ve chosen: The #1 and #6 terms which are: “rahm emanuel freddie mac” and “biography of rahm emanuel” .

When there are multiple related words showing up in google trends, these are very hot topic items. You will get a huge influx of search engine traffic by targeting these keywords in a post.

Step 3: Research. Once you’ve chosen your topic, or ‘trend’ you now click on the trend, and it will show you news and blog posts related to this trend. I choose to look through the blog posts.

hot google trends

As you see I click on ‘Blog Posts’, then I find some blog posts to read to find more info on the topic.

Normally I ignore sites that list a whole bunch of keywords in bold – these are generally google trends spammers. Instead I look for sites that have a good description of the post that I like. Sometimes though it’s hard to figure out which is which without visiting the site. Unless it’s a popular site like Huffington Post.

I visit the related blog posts to get some ideas about what to write, I generally write down a few of the important keypoints.

Step 4. Write the blog post. I make it very informative. I make sure to use each related keyword phrase at least 2-3 times in the blog post. This will bring in more search engine traffic by helping you rank higher.

Step 5. Pingbacks. Lastly I add at least 5 links to related blog posts. I generally try to find posts that are running on wordpress, as I know wordpress blogs generally at least have the ability to get a link back via trackback.

Step 6. Use a picture. Many people when searching will find your site from google images. You should as a rule try and have an image with every blog post, not just those tailored to Google Trends.

Step 7. Analyze. Now that you’ve written your post – analyze your traffic and see where they’re coming from. You should notice a huge surge of traffic directly from google.

Using these techniques I’ve been able to take my blog to a whole new level. From less than 1000 pageviews daily to 4,000 to  10,000+ per day. I’ve also been able to bring in 1,000-2,000 unique hits daily.

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Tips For Growing Your Business Through Teleseminars

The best way to sell affiliate products on the internet is to construct a subscriber list. Which has a subscriber list you can send out emails that notify, educate and promote the products you wish to sell. There is small price involved with this method. You will need to purchase a hosting bank account, domain name and auto-responder. The first step to start getting through internet marketing affiliate products is creating your individual cheap car insurance quotes website. Building a exclusive and effective site can be very technical and requirements proper investment in get for the site to actually gain visitors and also generate profit. Nonetheless, with the recent improvements in internet providers and technology, starting a website online is now easier due to many websites on the internet and applications that assist people create websites in only a few measures. Internet Marketing Advertising isn’t only used by many auto insurance rates businessmen and also entrepreneurs because of its ease when it comes to distribution. They have certainly has far more advantages compared to some other marketing strategies. Online marketing allows any business to have the chance of getting a large numbers of clients in just a short time. Home business Internet marketers can make Web sites, run advert campaigns and achieve potential car insurancecustomers just as good like a big ad firm can at a fraction of the cost. Individuals with experience in traditional advertising and marketing or web design currently have an affinity with internet marketing. The changeover is as easy as transferring gears on a cycle. Newcomers can find the idea a little difficult to get entered internet marketing, but with concentrate and good coaching, the road ahead is going to be clear. With the help of these processes your website could possibly get huge traffic and therefore your business gets to be a good boost up. Affiliate marketing offers many advantages, yet still time providing handful of road blocks to good results, with your advertising campaign. I am hoping this editorial helps make your decision as to whether you aren’t to take the plunge into the internet marketing arena an easy 1.

Newbie Launching Pad examined

Welcome to my brief review of Newbie Launching Pad. In this report I am going to reply to those burning questions for anyone interested in this product.

Newbie Launching Padexactly what does it do? Let’s take a look at the product’s internet site for this one, and see just what exactly they are saying about themselves:

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Is it worth buying? Newbie Launching Pad has a large collection of verifiable testimonials from satisfied customers submitted on their internet site. Reading these testimonials is often an effective way of judging whether the product is right for you. Of course, that really should not be your only research. A product owner can put anything on their site – you need to back-up their promises with an impartial review. – see the url at the conclusion of this report for one such review, which gives the product a score of 3.35/5.

Can I get a bonus for purchasing this product? (and just what exactly is a Newbie Launching Pad bonus?) Some websites will offer you a purchase bonus if you buy a product through their url (as a thank-you for buying through their site). Regarding Newbie Launching Pad, there is a bonus being offered – see web page link elsewhere in the page.

Could it be a scam? Well, there is really one straightforward way to find this out for a digital product: what’s the refund rate? If a product has a high refund rate, then it might be a scam. This, obviously, makes a lot of sense – if it’s a scam, then lots of people will be requesting a refund. Regarding Newbie Launching Pad the approximate refund rate is 25.56%, which is relatively high, suggesting that refunds are common, and this product might not be one to go for.

Can I have a refund if I don’t want it? You actually can! This product is covered by a 60-day no quibble money back guarantee with the payment processor (Clickbank). Which means you can get a refund without needing to go to the product owners – you can just do it by means of Clickbank.

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Viral Review Bot examined

Welcome to my concise review of Viral Review Bot. I’m going to be dealing with the primary questions which prospective purchasers of this product ask. They are usually:

Viral Review Bot – what is it all about? Well, why don’t we hear directly from the horse’s mouth about this one and take a look at what they say in relation to themselves on the website:

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What are the bonuses available? (and exactly what is a Viral Review Bot bonus?) Certain sites have taken to offering what’s called a ‘bonus’. It’s a bit like a free Pepsi when you get a hamburger – a thank you for buying through their link. For Viral Review Bot you can find a bonus on offer – see link elsewhere in the article.

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