Why I hate Google. Join the Google Haters facebook Group!

Google has too much power online, they can make and break anyone that they choose.

If you write a bad article about them, or sell links, or do this or that, they can remove your site from search, not that I get much traffic from search, thankfully I’m a social marketer more than an seo marketer, and most of my traffic comes from pinging identi.ca, twitter, friendfeed, and facebook.

Apparently if somebody clicks a bunch on adsense ads on your website, you WILL get banned from adsense, does this seem fair? I didn’t do a thing, one person ruined me from collecting my adsense revenue. After a year I was at $90 and then in one day got $7 worth in ad clicks. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if someone who works for google made all the clicks so they wouldn’t have to pay me.

I even told google about the suspicious activity, before I was banned. Does this seem right? Sure, I could go register a new adsense account in my wife’s name, but what would stop them from banning her account when we reach $90 again?

Which is why I’m launching a new facebook group: Google Haters. This is a group of people who basically hate google, perhaps a union of bloggers standing up for our own rights. According to google the internet is a tyrrany and google rules, but I believe we can fight back.

Have you been banned from adsense, adwords, or search rankings? Drop your comments or join the Google Haters group on facebook. We’ll have adsense click-off weekends, and do our best to wreak havoc on the internet king. I’m totally peeved at this and I believe in fighting back when I’ve received an injustice. If you’ve been hurt by google in anyway this will be a great way to fight back.

Join the facebook group now!

Of course you can call me mad, or an idiot, or over-reacting, but just wait – anyone can be hit by google, I always did my best to follow all the rules, I never broke any rules, and I still got banned. It can happen to anyone, I highly recommend just quitting google and trying another ad network.

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The Top 11 Places to Find Social Media Jobs and Blogging Jobs…Get Paid to Blog Today!

Social Media Jobs and Where to Find them…

Social media is the latest greatest buzz word. It covers all things web 2.0: Blogs, podcasts, vlogs, lifestreaming, social networking, microblogging, etc….

Mashable just put up a post about Social Media Jobs, whether they’re here to stay or not… I’ve decided to run with that and list some good places to find social media jobs (if you’re a job-seeker), as well as some places to post social media jobs if you’re a manager at a company, or some sort of recruiter.

So Without further adieu:

I’m sure there are many more, and I’m sure many jobs are duplicated through-out the aforementioned sites, you could also probably find some good ones on craigslist. Hopefully this will be a good jumping point for ya.

Also if you’re looking for Blogging jobs you might want to check out the following sites for blogging jobs:

Happy social media job hunting, and good luck!

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Gas Prices Love and Hate them – 10 Reasons to Love them, and 9 Ways to Save on Gas.

I found this on another blog and couldn't resist, click the pic to go to the source...

Everyone is feeling the crunch with the rise in gas prices. Higher gas prices not only affect our pockets but that of companies. Higher gas prices leads to higher costs for all goods that you purchase. It leads to higher costs for air travel as well. It is just one factor in our great economic struggle that is building.

On top of the high gas prices is the mass exodus of American jobs. As many businesses close their doors and even Starbucks is closing 600 stores, we will see a yearly job loss perhaps as high 1 million jobs by the end of 2008.

That’s 1 million new people living on welfare, or food stamps, or collecting unemployment. That’s 1 million people potentially homeless if things don’t change…

But there is a shining sun behind every storm cloud, and here’s an opportunity that I’m taking to make some lemonade from the lemons, so to speak.

First off I’m going to give ways to save on gas, as I’m sure we all could benefit from these:

  1. Take walks to save gas. Not only will you be burning less gas, but you will start burning more calories, and who can’t afford a little less gut these days?
  2. Buy / Ride a bicycle instead. Heck even a horse and buggy would be better and more cost effective if you can afford one, and it’s of course legal in your area to ride one. Of course an added benefit of riding a bike is it helps the environment and helps your waistline.
  3. Carpool if you can. This is an obvious way. If two people are going to the same place it just makes sense that they share the trip.
  4. Plan each trip that you take. Knowing exactly where you’re going and having a plan, will help you to not get lost, or distracted. If you have a goal of where you’re going, you won’t spend extra gas / time driving around looking for what you need or want to do.
  5. Learn fuel-efficient driving. Experts relate that it’s possible to save as much as 25-30% off your fuel if you make a few simple changes to your driving. These include:
    • Turning off the engine for stops over 10 seconds long – Idling is never good for your car or gas mileage – and idling to warm up your car is bad read more.
    • Keep a moderate speed. Don’t drive above 60mph, and be use your cruise control to maintain a consistent speed.
    • Make sure tires are properly inflated.
    • If driving a car with a manual transmission, be sure to drive in the correct gear for your situation.
    • Know when to use the A/C and when to turn it off and roll down the windows. A good rule of thumb is when it’s hot use your windows for city miles, and roll them up and turn on the A/C for highway miles. When driving higher speeds having the window down creates drag, but when driving slower having the A/C on can lower your gas mileage.
    • Drive smoothly, avoid rapid acceleration and hard braking. Try to maintain a steady speed. If you can coast down hills and try to keep your foot off the break as much as possible.
  6. Buy tires with lower rolling resistence. Less friction means less wasted energy means more money saved.
  7. Don’t buy premium gas unless you absolutely have to. If you’re car is designed to run on regular, premium won’t help it, and will just eat up your money.
  8. Buy a fuel efficient car. Of course most of us can’t afford a new car right now with the economy the way it is – but buying a fuel efficient car or hybrid will save you gas in the long run. If you’re debating a vehicle purchase anyways, you might as well buy one that will save you hundred a year in gas. When gas hits $7 per gallon in 2010 (just 2 years), you will be glad you bought that hybrid.
  9. Get cash-back on your gas purchases. Last but not least, try getting a credit card that pays cash-back on gas purchases, a good one to get is the Discover more card. You’ll receive around 5% back for gas purchases. Apply for the Discover® More Card

Alrighty I’ve talked long and hard now about how to save money on gas, now let me tell you why I believe that the hike in gas prices may be a blessing in disguise. Here are ___ reasons:

  1. It gets gas guzzlers off the road. Due to the high gas prices many people are trading their SUVs and Hummers for smaller more efficient cars.
  2. Of course with less traffic, means better environment. There’s less emissions, and so at least the environment may stand a chance of healing itself.
  3. New green technologies are on the rise. With people struggling to pay for gas, green technology companies are growing in leaps and bounds. The technological advances that the higher gas prices have brought is extraordinary to say the least.
  4. High gas will help stamp out Obesity. How? People who can’t afford to drive will walk more, take bikes, or take public transportation – but even with public transportation you still end up walking more than if you were driving yourself around.
  5. People are now taking closer look at finances. People are in debt over their heads, they’re losing their cars and houses at record rates. With the rise in gas prices people are watching every little penny. Gas prices bring up the prices for just about everything that people buy, when everything costs more we’re each going to have to take a hard look and decide if we need a plasma tv or if we can make do with our 32 inch old style tube tv.
  6. Higher gas prices will lead to better public transportation. Now that people can’t afford to drive themselves around, we need to relook at our methods of public transportation. In Europe you can travel to almost any big city by train, I think we need to look at our current rail systems and possibly expand them.
  7. The rising fuel costs are leading to more gas friendly perks for their employees. Some employees are beginning to allow telecommuting, some are switching to a 4 day work week instead of the traditional 5 hour. Utah is implementing a plan to make all government jobs work four 10 hour work days instead of five. This not only saves the workers’ gas, but it also cuts back on the costs of energy to run their computers, and the lights in their offices. Of course important jobs like emergency personell will still work normal shifts, but this will be a huge experiment to see how much it will affect the environment.
  8. Less travelling means better communities. As people are travelling less to see friends, and relatives they will need to reach out to each other for their socializing needs. People will stay closer to home, and the community will grow as a result.
  9. Finally, the government may actually consider increasing fuel economy standards. In Europe – non-hybrid cars routinely get 50+ miles per gallon. In America we’re stuck with cars(non-hybrid) that get 30 mpg or less. Maybe we’ll get some of the European models.
  10. High gas prices may help the internet. If you blog, or run an online business, high gas prices may actually help you out, if people can’t leave their homes they’ll stay home and surf the net, which could mean more advertising dollars for your blog or website.

Also – I’m going to take this moment to let you know about a contest running. You can win a free $25 gas card, and who couldn’t use this? Check out the contest here, or Read some tips from their site on  “Saving Money at the Gas Pump

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Obama: The First President of America 2.0?

Obama is somewhat of a newcomer on the political scene, and yet he has garnered a huge following.

He has beat great odds to become the number 1 candidate for presidency. He is even beating McCain out by many points in states that normally go to republicans, like Montana.

Why is this?

Because Obama has embraced web 2.0.


He has embraced sites like facebook, twitter, and youtube. He, and / or those on his marketing team know the power that social media holds. Not to mention many fans of Obama can be found embracing social media – for instance this popular video by Obamagirl.

Obama, is also the only candidate suggesting a cabinet position aimed at web / technology.

I personally believe that Obama’s use of web 2.0 and social media may be the beginning of a paradigm shift in America. I believe that we may be on the verge of a new era in US politics. Call me optimistic, but I believe with social media, politicians will hold less power, and more power will be put in the hands of the people.

Most Americans believe that we’re headed in the wrong direction. Many believe that a huge catastrophe is on the horizon. Whether natural or economic, our future is not certain anymore.

All things change, and many things always need change but go unchanged. I believe for America to survive that there will come a day of reckoning where the great minds of the country will have to get together and re-organize our country from the ground up.

The reason we have a representative democracy and not a full democracy is mostly because in the days of the founding fathers it would’ve been a logistical nightmare. They didn’t have the lines of communication that we have today.

If you’re a skeptic on the power of social media, you really should check out opencongress.org it is a refreshing social network brought to us by: Participatory Politics Foundation and the Sunlight Foundation.

This is a great site for following the politicians that you want to follow. You can see their voting patterns, history, etc. You can also see other politicians like them, or those who are totally the opposite.

You can follow the issues that matter most to you, like Access to Health care, Abortion, etc…

You can actually vote on the issues, and bills that you’d like to see pass legislation.

The site doesn’t get as much publicity as it should – yet. But I can see it becoming a huge playing field for bi-partisan politics to take hold.

Those who aren’t net-savvy may miss out here on this great opportunity to share their voice / opinion, but I believe this is a great start to a new democracy 2.0.

To read more about the features of OpenCongress.Org check out this article at ReadWriteWeb.

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