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I’ve been doing software development for 5-10 years (many of those first years were devoted to hobby work and side projects. The past 5-6 have been more dedicated to perfecting my craft. My major focus has been web development including wordpress and sugar crm, and custom scripts built on laravel, and ruby on rails.

I’ve been in Utah for about 2 years now, and have found employment to be highly competitive. Which is why I’ve decided to give TopTAL a chance and get started in freelancing.

My favorite frameworks are: Laravel, Ruby on Rails, and if I need to go mobile either MeteorJS or IonicFramework. I also enjoy angularjs for a smooth frontend experience, but have lately been also playing around with ReactJS a bit, though I do tend to be a bit more backend (server code), rather than front end (js/client-side).

As an entrepreneur I’ve also started many side projects, though many haven’t seen the light of day, but each one has helped me grow and progress as a developer. It’s through building stuff and breaking things that you get better at the craft of programming.

Recently, I’ve put in a number of bids on odesk, and freelancer.com but it’s hard to find good rewarding projects on those sites, and most people are looking for developers from countries like India where they will accept a lot less per hour, than to pay U.S. wages. I enjoy freelance work because I can work when I want (which is often after midnight when the house is quiet and everybody is asleep, it pays well if you get the right jobs, and I can work on different types of projects.

Lately I’ve been doing some research and found TopTal.com and I’m finding it to be an awesome resource for developers. Only the absolute BEST freelancers work at TopTal, they get thousands of applications, and only about 3% get accepted, and they work for major companies like AirBNB. They also have great training posts and topics on their blog, and both long and short term work, and they promise to provide working opportunities, so you don’t have to spend all day looking and bidding on projects and instead can just work.

I’ve just recently began the projcess to join their Web Engineer Group, and I really hope I make it. Wish me luck!

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Patrick Curl is a developer, coder, writer, blogger, affiliate marketer, and more. He lives and breathes apps/startups and has a permanent residency on HackerNews.

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